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Spring 2020 Term Courses Are Now LIVE

We are delighted to announce that our Spring 2020 courses are now UP and BOOKABLE! Below is a quick guide of all of the courses that have opened for booking today. Note: We expect many of our courses to sell out very fast, so make sure to secure your place on your favourite course or courses today!

Spring 2020 Quick Guide


1-2 Day Workshops

T.S. Eliot Prize Preview with Jeremy Noel-Tod
Explore the T.S. Eliot Prize shortlist with The Sunday Times poetry critic Jeremy Noel-Tod.

Verse Drama After Shakespeare: Writing Poetic Plays Today with Richard O’Brien
Calling poets, playwrights, and Shakespeare-lovers to an exciting exploration of verse dramas.

Writing the Self: Performance & Sacrifice with Nisha Ramayya
Discuss what is lost, gained, and transformed in performing aspects of self in your poetry.

Her Voracious Stare: Inspiration from the Eye & Art of Dora Maar with Rachel Long
Get inspired at the Tate Modern and then workshop new poems a month later.

X-Lit: Ways into Memoir with Hannah Lowe
An intensive weekend exploring life writing with an acclaimed poet and memoirist.

In My Beginning is My End: Masterclass with Sean O’Brien
Head to the moon and consider which parts of your poems should be jettisoned into the vacuum of space.

This Goes There, That Comes After: List Poems with James Davies
Get things in order and explore the many uses of the list form in poetry.

Window, Mirror, Knife, Disaster, & Reinvention: Poetry of Glass with Judy Brown
Wipe off your monocle, tune your glass armonica, move the tomatoes into the greenhouse, and smash the glass ceiling.

Soundtext Weekender with Antosh Wojcik
An immersive weekender of sound experimentation & text generation.

Try a Little Tenderness: Masterclass with Liz Berry
Find out how to begin the tender work of writing poems for, and from, the heart.

Short Courses

Those Various Scalpels – Four Modernist Women Reading Course with Matthew Caley
Smash the patriarchy and bring light to the exceptional work of major female Modernists.

“Between the shadow & the soul”: Exploring Latin American Poetry with Adam Feinstein
Sweep through Latin American poetry with the acclaimed biographer and translator of Pablo Neruda.

Radical Resistances: Writing Against Sense with Mischa Foster Poole
Join the avant-garde to challenge common sense and interrogate the nature of meaning.

Regional Courses

Uses of the Past with Andy Brown in Exeter
“I’m never going back, the past is in the past” – Elsa of Arendelle

 “The Wild” with Jonathan Edwards in Bristol
Take a walk on the wild side to explore the extraordinary power that animals can bring into your poems.

Joy in the Detail: Editing as a Creative Process with Jane Commane in Birmingham
Shape your poems into their best selves with guidance from Nine Arches Press editor-in-chief.



Hell & Back: Writing Addiction and Recovery with Keith Hutson
How can we write compellingly about addiction?

Love & Bondage in Contemporary Times with Sascha Akhtar
New perspectives on love and pain in the 21st century.

The Poetic-Critical with Callie Gardner
Writing the poem-essay, and other forms of lyric commentary.

Extrasensory Perceptions: Fortean Poetry with Caleb Parkin
Channel poems from phenomena just beyond our understanding.

“The bravest people on earth”: On Displacement with Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Reflect on home, exile, journeys, war and humanity.

Poetics of Space after Bachelard with Agnieszka Studzinska
Seek poetry in the intimate spaces in our lives.


Transreading Germany, Austria and Switzerland with Jen Calleja
Produce work inspired by the poetries of Europe’s heartland.

Transreading Classical Languages with Wanda O’Connor
Compose fresh responses to Ancient Greek and Latin texts and fragments.

“Leave the door open for the unknown”: Transreading Rebecca Solnit with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese
Find your citizen’s place in conversation and collaboration with others.


Poetry & Advertising Studio with Silvia Gradinaru
Where art meets advertising.

“I am the shape of my seams”: Out-of-Body Experience Studio with Abi Palmer
Explore where literary practice meets out-of-body experience.

Love Calls Us to the Things of This World: Sacramental Imagination Studio with Maria Apichella
Write poems on the edge of the visible and invisible.

Creative Impermanence Studio with Marcus Slease
Embrace change and the beauty of inconsistence.


Poetry as Ferocity: Writing Your Truth with Radical Honesty, with Shivanee Ramlochan
Fiercely exceed the fetters of self-censorship.

Code Poetry with JR Carpenter
Delve into dots, dashes, bots, and glitch.

Conscious Tracks: British Modernism with Peter Hughes
Excavate from the language hoard of radical, underground and late modernist British poetry.

An Exploration of Ecstasy with Richard Georges
Tune into the inner truth of the ecstatic.


Fortnightly Feedback with Paul Stephenson
Knock those loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback.

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