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Success Stories

What happens to poems written on Poetry School courses?

There’s more to poetry than publishing, and people write for all sorts of reasons. Still, it’s hard to beat the feeling of opening that acceptance letter or ‘Congratulations’ e-mail. Find out where poems that started their lives at the Poetry School have ended up:

Annie Bennett’s poem ‘The Pocket Mirror’, developed from an exercise in Jennie Osborne’s Exeter workshop, was shortlisted for the 2017 Teignmouth Open Poetry Competition.

Emma Rich’s poem ‘Swift Repentance’ placed third in the Teignmouth Open Poetry Competition. Emma is a student on Jennie Osborne’s Exeter poetry workshop.

Maggie Sawkins’ poem ‘The Drowners’ was published in Zones of Avoidance (Cinnamon Press) and was written on Helen Mort’s course ‘Poetry and the Brain’.

Rob Packer’s poem ‘Modern Life’ written on Liane Strauss’ ‘Deep Breathing Line’ online course was published by the Honest Ulsterman.

Three poems written by Sally Long on Karen McCarthy Woolf’s ‘Human/Nature’ course have been accepted for publication in Southlight, The Stare’s Nest & London Grip, respectively.

‘There is a rotting deer carcass in the corner’ by Cristina Haraba was publishing in the most recent Magma and on their website. It was written on Mario Petrucci’s Advanced Poetry Workshop, and two poems written on Hannah Lowe’s APW have just been accepted by Cake Magazine.

Janet Lees’ poem ‘Mapping Hi-Zex Island‘ came 3rd in the Bristol Poetry Prize having been written on Claire Trévien’s ‘Deep Sea Diving: Language of Coastlines and the Sea’ course.

Fiona Larkin’s poem ‘Poem‘ was published in Issue 5 of The High Window. She workshopped it in Kathryn Maris’ ‘Advanced Poetry Workshop’.

Claire Dyer‘s poem ‘The Night She Slept With The Fish‘ was also published in Issue 5 of The High Window and developed on our Advanced Poetry Workshop with Kathryn Maris.

Joan Michelson took part in RA Villanueva’s course ‘Making Birds: New Poetic Forms’, during which she was assigned the topic ‘Self-Portrait With…’. Joan’s resulting poem, ‘Self-Portrait with Secret‘ was a winner in the Poetry Society’s Members’ Competition on the theme of ‘Getting Out’, and was published in Poetry News, Winter 2016.

Ruth Smith performed her poems on Croydon Radio in February 2017. A number of them were written on Kathryn Maris’ Advanced Poetry Workshop with Special Guests. You can listen to the podcast here.

Jay Kidd’s poem ‘I watch him, my husband’ was a winner of the Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition in 2015. It was written on a Penelope Shuttle one-day workshop. ‘The Dusk Effect’ was begun on a one-day workshop with David Morley and was published in the Florida Review.

Mat Riches’ poem ‘The Breaks’ has been accepted for publication in the August issue of Obsessed with Pipework. He says, “This poem was totally gutted and rewritten as part Rishi Dastidar’s ‘Shape Up and Send’ course last year, and would never have made it this far without the sterling comments of Rishi and my fellow classmates.”

Cristina Haraba’s poem ‘She Died Today’ and her prose piece ‘Blindness’ were developed in Hannah Lowe’s Advanced Poetry Workshop. Both are published in Orbis 177

Fiona Larkin’s poem ‘Strumpfluchen‘, inspired by an exercise from Kathryn Maris’ Advanced Poetry Workshop, is published in Southword journal.

Deborah Sibbald took part in Melissa Lee-Houghton’s course ‘Reinventing Dada’. Her poem, ‘Manifesto‘, developed on the course was published on New Boots and Pantisocracies. It was her first published poem.

Richard Stillman’s poem ‘Briony Grist: Let’s be clear about the challenges we face with ermits’ was written on Melissa Lee-Houghton’s course ‘Reinventing Dada’ and published on Campus, The Poetry School’s poetry blog!

Vasiliki Albedo Bennu’s poem ‘Speech: A whole new world‘ was published in New Boots and Pantisocracies, and two of her poems – ’33’ and ‘Forecast’ – are forthcoming in Tears in the Fence. All three were written on Melissa Lee-Houghton’s course ‘Re-inventing Dada’. Her poem ‘By no means all’, written on Rishi Dastidar’s ‘The Lyric i-Pod’is forthcoming in The Rialto. And ‘Athena‘ written on ‘Trust the Image’ with Catherine Smith has been published in The Morning Star.

Charlotte Eichler has published a number of poems written on Rebecca Goss’ Poetry School course, ‘House and Universe’. ‘Survivors’ will appear in the forthcoming Emma Press Anthology of Aunts, and has also appeared on And Other Poems; ‘What Little Girls Are Made Of’ and ‘After Tea’, were published in the 2015 Flambard Poetry Prize Anthology; and ‘Argument‘, also from the course, appeared on Ink, Sweat & Tears.

John Mee’s poem ‘Gerl’, included in his pamphlet From the Extinct’, is published in the February edition of SouthwordThe poem was written on Kim Moore’s Poetry School course, ‘What Work Is’.

Matt Quinn’s poem ‘Iain Duncan’s Myth’ has been published in The Morning Star Newspaper. This poem was written on the Poetry School course Reinventing Dada with Melissa Lee-Houghton in Autumn 2016.

Shauna Robertson’s poem ‘Trixie Might Says ‘No More Baristas” was published in New Boots and PantisocraciesThis poem was written on the Poetry School course Reinventing Dada with Melissa Lee-Houghton in Autumn 2016.

Emma Simon’s poem ‘How To Bake A Gingerbread Girl’ was published in The Rialto and was developed in Kim Moore’s online course What Work Is. Emma has also had her poem ‘The End of the End of the Pier Show’ published in the Live Canon Competition anthology; this poem was written in Suzannah Evans course Writing the Future, Poetry For Apocalyptic Times.

Jane McCarthy Wilkinson’s poem ‘earth can have but earth’ was worked on during Ros Barber’s Saturday Sessions course. It was subsequently published in Anthology 154 (Live Canon).

Sarah Doyle’s poem ‘Winter Song’ has been published by Three Drops from a Cauldron in their seasonal anthology Midwinter. The poem was developed in Kathryn Maris’ Advanced Poetry Workshop with Special Guests on an exercise on refrain.

Michael Farry poem’s ‘Stranded, After Ester Naomi Perqui’ has been accepted for publication by Brittle Star. The poem was written during the Putting A Poet In Your Pocket online workshop with Kim Moore in 2014.

Kathryn de Belle’s poem ‘Dirk’s Night Out’ was written on an Alicia Stubbersfield workshop and published in the Best of Manchester Poets.

Jan Bay-Petersen’s poem ‘Spellbinding for Bike’ was developed in Clare Pollard’s course on spells and was published in The Rialto in 2015. Her poem ‘It’s a Two and You’re dead, A Life Ago’ was developed on Tamar Yoseloff’s Routes into Poetry course and was published in The North poetry magazine.

Jay Whittaker’s poem ‘Pink snow’ was drafted in Warsan Shire’s Art of Healing course and will appear in The Frogmore Papers (Issue 88); and ‘Baited’ written on Carrie Etter’s Pleasure of Prose Poetry course is featured in Orbis 177. Several more poems which started life in Poetry School online courses will be included in her first collection, due out from Cinnamon Press in autumn 2017.

Dave Scott’s poem ‘Snow Globes Sit On Our Top Shelves’ will be published in the next issue of The Rialto (87). It emerged from one of the assignments on Catherine Smith’s Trust the Image course.

MA student Nicola Jackson won the 2016 National Poetry Day Poems to the Planet competition with her poem ‘Dear Earth,’.

Eve Ellis won the inaugural Winchester Poetry Prize with her poem ‘Haint’, which she wrote on Kate Potts’ Poetry School course New Definitions & Neologisms in Spring 2015. You can read the poem on our blog here. 

Sarah James’ poetry collection The Magnetic Diaries has been adapted into a play, which was Highly Recommended in the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and ran at The Vaults in October 2016. Her poem ‘Promise’, which forms a pivotal part of the collection and the play, came out of the Poetry School workshop ‘Written in Juice of Lemon’ in October 2014.

Maggie Mackay’s poem ‘Moon Gazing’ was workshopped on ‘Trust the Image’ with Catherine Smith. It will be published on Poetry Scotland’s Open Mouse in November. Maggie’s poem ‘Ghazal’ has also been accepted for publication in in the fall/winter issue of Rat’s Ass Review.

Jennie Osborne’s poem ‘Tomorrow’ was written on Fiona Benson’s course ‘Form and Freefall’. This year, it won the Ware Sonnet Prize.

Anna Kisby’s poem ‘Alligator’ was highly commended in the Havant Poetry Competition (which she also won, with a different poem, ‘Wild‘). ‘Alligator’ was written on ‘Human / Nature’ with Karen McCarthy Woolf.

Kim O’Loughlin’s poetry, written in Greta Stoddart’s Bridport Seminar group, is included in Out of Bounds: British Black and Asian Poets (Bloodaxe, 2012), as well as the 2016 Out of Bounds Poetry Project, which aims to chart an ‘Alternative A-Z of the Nation’.

Elaine Beckett brought early drafts of two poems to Greta Stoddart’s Bridport Seminar group, which, after further work, she later published in her Faber New Poets pamphlet as ‘A Mess of Strangers’ and ‘Sometime this Month’.

Petra Kuppers’s poems ‘Pole Stories’ and ‘Chains’ have been published in Lime Hawk eco-poetics journal. They were both written on Suzannah Evans’ course ‘Surviving the Future’.

Karen Dennison’s poem ‘Horoscope’, published on Amaryllis, was written on Claire Trevien’s Poetry School course ‘Cosmic Compositions’. Her poems ‘Titan’ and ‘Talus’, both published in Obsessed with Pipework, were written on Eleanor Rees’ course ‘Magic and Metamorphosis’. She has also been published in Agenda (New Generation Poets, Vol. 49, Nos 3-4). Her poem ‘Waterloo Bridge’ was written on Suzannah Evans’ course ‘Re-Writing the Map’.

Jill Abram’s poem ‘Room in New York’ was published in issue 17 of Under the Radar (Nine Arches Press). You can buy a copy of the magazine here. Jill wrote this poem during the course ‘Every Page a Stage’ with Jane Draycott in 2014. Have a look at Jill’s website here.

J.V. Birch‘s poem ‘Extramarital Bliss’, developed for Daniel Sluman’s ‘Poetry of Pain’ Workshop was published in Wordgathering in June. ‘Great Grandma’s House‘, which received feedback in Catherine Smith’s ‘Fortnightly Feedback’ course, was published in Writers’ Forum. ‘When it happened’ and ‘Release’, both also submitted to ‘Fortnightly Feedback’, were included in her first collection, ‘Smashed Glass at Midnight‘ published by Ginninderra Press.

Sheila Jacob developed her poems ‘One Body’ and ‘Moonstruck’ in Holly Hopkin’s ‘Hinterlands/Writing on the Edges’ course and these have since been published in Dotty and the Dreamers and Clear Poetry respectively. Her poem ‘Days Like This’ was developed in Kim Moore’s ‘Acts of Transformation’ course and was also published in Clear Poetry. Alongside these, Sheila’s poems ‘Dryope’, which was also developed in Kim’s course, and Blodeuwedd’, which was developed in Jonathan Edward’s course ‘How We Love’, have been accepted for publication in a future issue of The Dawntreader.