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All about our teaching poets

We have one of the largest faculties of teaching poets in the world, which allows us to offer a huge diversity of expertise in poetic technique, inspiration and feedback. Every tutor’s teaching style is different, as is every student’s learning experience.

Our tutors are all practicing, professional poets with a wide range of experience in publishing, criticism, reviewing, editing, performing and event producing. We delight in their writing, but we also invite them to teach at the Poetry School out of great respect for their teaching skills and specialisms.

Each term our roster of tutors changes, but we always ensure a balanced mix of our most experienced favourites, exciting new talent and special guests.

At the end of each course, our teaching is evaluated by our students. Surveys taken from the last three years (since 2015) have ranked our overall teaching quality an average of 5 out of 5.

Current faculty

Our faculty is always changing, term on term. All our tutors work for us on freelance basis: some poets teach several courses a term and have become regular fixtures, and others drop in as little as every few years for the odd workshop or short course. They include everyone from recent graduates to Forward and Eliot prize winners.

Our faculty changes and grows, term on term. Some poets teach several courses a term and have become regular fixtures, and others drop every now and then for the occasional workshop or short course.

The best way to find out about our current tutors is to check our most recent course programme. Biographical information about all tutors can be found on course pages and CAMPUS profiles.

Since 2013 the following poets have taught for us …

Abigail Parry ~ A B Jackson ~ Adam Crothers ~ Adam Lowe ~ Ahren Warner ~ Alex MacDonald ~ Alice Kavounas ~ Alice Lyons ~ Alicia Stubbersfield ~ Alvin Pang ~ Andrew Forster ~ Andrew Jamison ~ Andrew McMillan ~ Andrew Philip ~ Andy Brown ~ Ann Sansom ~ Anna Robinson ~ Anna Selby ~ Annie Finch ~ Anthony Joseph ~ Antony Dunn ~ Ben Wilkinson ~ Beverley Nadin ~ Bill Manhire ~ Caleb Parkin ~ Carola Luther ~  Carolyn Jess-Cooke ~ Carrie Etter ~ Catherine Smith ~ Cherry Styles ~ Cheryl Moskowitz ~ Chris McCabe ~ Chrissy Williams ~ Claire Askew ~ Claire Crowther ~ Claire Trévien ~ Clare Pollard ~ Clare ShawDai GeorgeDaljit Nagra ~ Daniel Eltringham ~ Dante Micheaux ~ David Clarke ~ David Crystal ~ David Harker ~ David Harsent ~ David Morley ~ David Tait ~ Edmund Prestwich ~ Eleanor Rees ~ Eley Williams ~ Ellen Cranitch ~ Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese ~ Emily Berry ~ Emma Hammond  ~ Eric Berlin ~ Eve Grubin ~ Fawzia Kane ~ Fiona Benson ~ Fiona Hamilton ~ Fiona Sampson ~ Gemma Seltzer ~ Gillian Allnutt ~ Graham Fawcett ~ Greta Stoddart ~ Glyn Maxwell ~ Hannah Lowe ~ Helen Ivory ~ Helen Mort ~ Holly Corfield Carr ~ Holly Hopkins ~ Inua Ellams ~ Ira Lightman ~ Isobel Dixon ~ Jack Underwood ~ Jacqueline Saphra ~ Jacqui Rowe ~ James Brookes ~ Jane Draycott ~ Jane Yeh ~ Jay Bernard ~ Jean Atkin ~ Jeffrey Wainwright ~ Jennie Osborne ~ Jennifer Wong ~ Jo Bell ~ Joan Michelson ~ Jodie Hollander ~ John Challis ~ John CleggJohn Greening ~ John McCullough ~ Jonathan Edwards ~ Judy Brown ~ Julia Bird ~ Julian Stannard ~ Julian Turner ~ Karen Kuehne (Annesen) ~ Karen McCarthy Woolf ~ Karen Whiteson ~ Jacob Polley ~ Joey Connolly ~ John Wedgwood Clarke ~ Kate Potts ~ Kathleen Ossip ~ Kathryn Gray ~ Kathryn Maris ~ Kathryn Simmonds ~ Katrina Naomi ~ Kayo Chingonyi ~ Kelley Swain ~ Khairani Barokka ~ Kim Moore ~ Laura Barnicoat ~ Laura Scott ~ Lewis Parker ~ Liane Strauss ~ Lind Gregerson ~ Lisa Matthews ~ Liz BerryLucy Lepchani ~ Lynne Rees ~ MacGillivray ~ Malika Booker ~ Mario Petrucci ~ Mark Pajak ~ Martha Sprackland ~ Martin Kratz ~ Martyn Crucefix ~ Mary Jean Chan ~ Matthew Caley ~ Maurice Riordan ~ Maya Chowdhry ~ Melissa Lee-Houghton ~ Meryl Pugh ~ Mimi Khalvati ~ Miriam Gamble ~ Miriam Nash ~ Mona Arshi ~ Moniza Alvi ~ Myra Schneider ~ Nasser Hussain ~ Niall O Sullivan ~ Nuar Alsadir ~ Nichola Deane ~ Nick Field ~ Nicola Collett ~ Nii Ayikwei Parkes ~ Pascale Petit ~ Patrick Brandon ~ Paula Bohince ~ Penelope Shuttle ~ Peter Sansom ~ Philip Cowell ~ Phillis Levin ~ R A Villanueva ~ Rachael Allen  ~ Rachel Long ~ Raymond Antrobus ~ Rebecca Goss ~ Rebecca Tamás ~ Rebecca Watts ~ Richard Osmond ~ Richard Scott ~ Richie McCaffery ~ Rishi Dastidar ~ Robert Vas Dias ~ Roddy Lumsden ~ Roger Robinson ~ Roisin Tierney ~ Ros Barber ~ Rosie Shepperd ~ Ross Sutherland ~ Ruth Padel ~ Ryan Van Winkle ~ S J Fowler ~ Sally Flint ~ Saradha Soobrayen ~ Sarah Corbett ~ Sarah Hesketh ~ Sarah Howe ~ Sean O’Brien ~ Shazea Quraishi ~ Siddhartha Bose ~ Simon Barraclough ~ Sophie Herxheimer ~ Steve Ely ~ Susan Wicks ~ Suzannah Evans ~ Tamar Yoseloff ~ Tania Hershman ~Tara Bergin ~ Tim Cumming ~ Tim Dooley ~ Todd Swift ~ Tom Chivers ~ Victoria Bean ~ Victoria Kennefick ~ Warsan Shire ~ Wayne Holloway-Smith ~ Will Harris ~ Zaffar Kunial ~ Zeina Hashem Beck ~ Zoe Skoulding

Where are our tutors based?

Based in the UK and internationally, our tutors work with us in our London, Manchester, Bristol and Exeter classrooms, as well as our Online Courses via CAMPUS.

If you’re interested in knowing which of our regular tutors is based near you, please email us on

Teach for us

We welcome new faces and new ideas! If you are a practicing poet with teaching experience (even if it’s basic) and you would like to submit a proposal to us for a workshop or course, please email Will Barrett or Andrew Parkes. Contact information can be found on our Staff page.


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