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Technicians of the Sacred: The Poem as a Magical Event

‘Magic is the very essence of it all. It’s spirit, the life force, that creative, inexplicable power which we all possess and seek to express in the world. How well we manage to do that is a totally individual matter.’ – Lucius Mattheisen   In the contemplation of magical space, what emerges is just how…

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New North Poets Mentoring Programme Open for Applications

The New North Poets mentoring programme is part of the Northern Writers’ Awards organised by New Writing North. The programme, devised and delivered by the Poetry School, and judged by Don Paterson, is open to poets who are yet to publish a full-length collection. Four winning poets will receive a structured package of support on the programme. This…

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What Is a Poem?

Does a poem have to rhyme in order to be a poem? Does it have to have line breaks? Does it have to be about metaphysics or can it be about tin openers – can it be about both? Is a poem still a poem when it is ‘deliberately opaque’? What about if it’s been…

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Review: ‘American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin’ by Terrance Hayes

Tradition and fashion aside, what Terrance Hayes does with 14 lines, over and over, is what seems necessary: the focusing and finessing of a complex voice – by turns melancholy, crass, urbane, incensed – into a mode that keeps his train-of-thought moving while calling at every stop. Rhythm and momentum in poetry are not the…

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The Double-image of Poetry and Photography

Creative mediums are not indefinable. They have essential elements that mean they are not something else at root. But their practise is not best served by recourse to the ‘it is whatever you want it to be’ line of thinking. I mean, that’s fine, of course – people can think what they like – but…

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If you are looking for a venue to facilitate your own teaching, workshops, meetings or other gatherings, the Poetry School has three flexible spaces for hire at very affordable rates. Rooms are available most weekdays and some weekends.

Situated in Docklands, the Poetry School is located in a central and convenient area for public transport and is within walking distance of several tube stations including Canada Water.

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