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Review: ‘City of Bones: A Testament’ by Kwame Dawes

I read City of Bones (Northwestern University Press), over 200 pages of poems, in one sitting. I was completely held by this heart-full incantation, this uncompromising, philosophical and allusive series of narrative, lyrical and elegiac poems that ventriloquise the ‘multitudes of souls urgently and forcefully singing, shouting, groaning, and dreaming about the African diasporic present and future.’…

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Review: ‘An Ocean of Static’ by J.R. Carpenter

In between the billows of foaming brine, tucked away behind stacks of salt, lurks the pearl of a poetic endeavour completely unlike any other. An Ocean of Static (Penned in the Margins) is the debut collection by digital writer J.R. Carpenter, whose cryptic stream of ever-shifting code spectacularly reinvents the seascape. From the late 15th century…

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Primers: Volume Four Mentoring and Publication Scheme Open for Entries

The Poetry School and Nine Arches Press are excited to announce that Primers Volume Four is now open for entries. Primers is an annual mentoring and publication scheme organised by the Poetry School and Nine Arches Press. It provides a unique opportunity for talented poets to find publication and receive a programme of supportive feedback,…

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’17 Forensic Ways I Know You’

D18S51, There is no-one like you. There is a 1 in a quintillion chance of there being someone like you, but still not you. I would know, with every sense I would know D21S11, I could pick the bouquet of your sweaty t-shirt from a line-up of sweaty t-shirts D3S1358, Who else would naturally select…

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What is a Metic Poet?

The question most writers ask me at the beginning of a Metics workshop is ‘What is a Metic?’.   The simple answer usually is: You are! A fish does not know it’s a fish until it leaves the water. The term ‘Metic’ means a foreigner whose allegiances are split between their homeland and their new country. Metic is a Greek word, which we might…

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If you are looking for a venue to facilitate your own teaching, workshops, meetings or other gatherings, the Poetry School has three flexible spaces for hire at very affordable rates. Rooms are available most weekdays and some weekends.

Situated on Lambeth Walk, the Poetry School is located in a central and convenient area for public transport and is within walking distance of several tube stations including Waterloo.

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