Extrasensory Perceptions: Fortean Poetry (International)

Extrasensory Perceptions: Fortean Poetry (International)

Channel poems from phenomena just beyond our understanding

The A-Z of Forteana ranges from Ancient Astronaut Speculation right through to Will O’ The Wisps, via bigfoot, cryptozoology, Electronic Voice Phenomena, parapsychology, OOPARTS (Out of Place Artefacts) and ufology. For me, this started with a childhood interest in Essex Ghosts and Hauntings magazine – exploring the reported witch-hunter apparitions in my home village of Dedham. Or Black Shuck, the huge black glowing dog, who supposedly left his demonic claw-marks in the church at St Osyth (and which poet Martin Newell explored in his book of the same name). And, being a child of the 90s, a strict weekly diet of The X-Files… These days, I hold space for such phenomena, alongside a more critical and sceptical understanding of the world. Charles Fort (1874 – 1932) himself was a renowned sceptic and investigator of that which challenged the boundaries of conventional science. What’s at the edges of our understanding, or beyond it, certainly holds appeal for poetry. Indeed – isn’t that what poetry is, or should be? We can trace the gothic side of literary Forteana back to Edgar Allen Poe and to H. P. Lovecraft – and ghostly presences, unexplained phenomena still crop up in contemporary work. But it’s time we fully developed the genre of Fortean Poetry for the twenty-first century. In this course, I’d like to engage with with the world of anomalous phenomena itself, but also to explore what a Fortean approach might offer our writing practices. To remain open, but sceptical, to that beyond our understanding; to experience ‘everyday’ phenomena as once again strange or mysterious; to be mistrustful of the structures around us, like those in the ‘Conspirasphere’ online. What forms might emerge from a Fortean approach: can we challenge the boundaries of conventional poetries?

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. No live chats. Suitable for UK & International students.

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Caleb Parkin is a day-glo queero techno eco poet; a performer, facilitator, educator and filmmaker, based in Bristol. He was second prize-winner in the National Poetry Competition 2016, shortlisted in The Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition 2016, commended in the Ware Open Poetry Competition 2016, first place in the Winchester Poetry Prize 2017, and shortlisted in the Bridport Prize 2018. His work has appeared (or will appear) in The Rialto, Poetry Review, Atticus Review, Moving Poems, Folia, Eyedrum Periodically, Under the Radar, Coast to Coast to Coast and other publications in print, online and performance – as well as in schools, universities, museums, planetaria and science centres. He’s a writer in residence and Lead Writer (South West) with First Story. He’s always been both fascinated by – and skeptical about – ghosts, cryptozoology, UFOs and phenomena at the edges of our understanding.

‘It keeps me current with developments in the poetry world and gives access to great tutors and practitioners – the really wide range of courses covered is excellent. It’s when you meet people who don’t access Poetry School opportunities that you notice how much of an advantage it is.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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