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The Next Step: our Master's degree in poetry

The MA in Writing Poetry is an accredited degree with Newcastle University and the Poetry School, delivered as a part-time course over two years. Students are based either in London or Newcastle upon Tyne during term time, and come together to participate in a one week Summer School which alternates between the two cities each year.

The MA is firmly rooted in the publishing, performing and promoting poetry world with established poets, including Glyn Maxwell and Tamar Yoseloff in London and Tara Bergin, Bill Herbert, Sean O’Brien and Jacob Polley in Newcastle. There will also be guest tutors from the Poetry School’s teaching community and from Newcastle University.

A full fee scholarship is available each year to an outstanding applicant.


Year One: Poetry Masterclass (1), Poetry Workshop (1), Summer School (1) Year Two: Poetry Masterclass (2), Poetry Workshop (2), Summer School (2), Portfolio

The Poetry Masterclasses and Poetry Workshops are taught from September to May (on alternate weeks), with weekly group meetings, and 1:1 tutorials.

Summer Schools run for one week, and the Portfolio is a work in progress throughout the course, with individual tutorials held towards the end of the second year.

Poetry Masterclass

Poetry Masterclasses consist of ten self-contained seminars constituted of a mixture of exercise and discussion-based learning and delivered by both core and guest tutors, plus tutorial and drop-in sessions to discuss progress and to prepare for submission. Students are required to engage with the topic of each seminar through practical work and direct discussion. Students will strengthen their knowledge of a range of forms, techniques and thematic concerns present in contemporary poetry and of a variety of perspectives from which these can be approached. They will develop the confidence to experiment with their own work and to produce considered and disciplined revision of their poems. They will also learn to provide practical criticism of others’ work and to receive and utilise constructive criticism of their own work.

Poetry Workshop

In Poetry Workshops, students will develop: their knowledge of a range of literary forms and techniques, an awareness of the contemporary poetic landscape in which they are intervening, and the inheritances on which they might draw as poets. They will also gain knowledge of how, critically and constructively, to address issues within their own and other peoples’ writing. Within the group workshops, students will become familiar with poetic forms, schools and styles both within the context of US and UK poetry, and with issues of contemporary poetry and the tradition, through prescribed reading and critical discussion. The two individual tutorials will offer the chance for intensive critical discussion of students’ work, coupled with tailored guidance on further reading and the development of their writing practice. The file of work enables writers to consolidate their work in the light of all comments received; the commentary on process encourages responsible critical insight into the processes of revision, theme and influence.

Summer School

Summer School offers an intensive course in professional development. On the Poetry School campus Summer School, this course will improve students’ awareness of the market for their work and give them an insight into the opportunities for publication, funding, and publicity available to poets. Students will become familiar with the context in which the professional poet can pursue their craft and develop strategies by which to further pursue, and to develop an audience for, the writing they have undertaken on the various other modules of this degree. On the Newcastle University campus Summer School, students will acquire a sound knowledge of the options available for writers to teach their craft and of the pathways and requisites for doing so, as well as developing their awareness of the possible ways in which they can progress their academic development. Students will become familiar with the context in which the professional poet can pursue their craft within an academic context and how their writing practice might be pursued in tandem with teaching the skills they have to future writers. They will also become aware of the routes by which they might teach creative writing and the necessary qualifications required to do so, via a discussion of the possible options for their further academic development.

Annual Submission

This module will be offered in lieu of a student’s participation in Summer School. This module will consist of a semester of independent study, plus three one-hour tutorials.


Students will prepare a file of work consisting of around 30 poems or equivalent, and will show through the file a finally shaped work or body of work along with a reflection on the processes of the work. This module will consist of a semester of individual supervision followed by a semester of independent study. Each student must consult the module leaders with an initial proposal, submitting an opening plan/draft for comment and discussion.

How to apply

For more information on fees and entry requirements, please visit the Newcastle University webpage. For further enquiries, please email Sarala Estruch at [email protected] for study in London, or Melanie Birch at [email protected] for study in Newcastle.

A full fee scholarship is available for outstanding applicants (or two 50% scholarships where there are two equally outstanding applicants). For more information and to apply, click here.

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