An Exploration of Ecstasy (Masterclass)

An Exploration of Ecstasy (Masterclass)

Tune into the inner truth of the ecstatic

“That first undifferentiated potential perception, that first principle of experience, is said to correspond to pure, absolute enjoyment, the innermost nature of existence.”
Alain Daniélou, The Myths and Gods of India

The Nataraja is one of the most famous depictions of the Hindu god Shiva. In his hands he palms open flame, makes ritualistic gestures, holds a snake, and plays a two-headed drum. A ring of flames envelop him, as he trods upon a demon, symbolising triumph over ignorance. In this chaos, cosmic creation and destruction coexist simultaneously. This is ecstasy. The ecstatic poet seeks to explore rhythms like Shiva’s to discover an inner truth or vibration that can resonate with others regardless of background. We will read the work of a diverse range of poets with this affect. Think of Rumi and Hafiz, Walcott and Hutchinson. Think of yourself rapt in wonder and amazement.

Masterclasses are an expanded version of our Interactive and International courses, with a much deeper consideration of technical craft and critical theory. These 12 week courses (maximum 10 places) are for advanced students only, and fluency with poetic language and ideas will be assumed. There are no regular live chats and they are suitable for UK and International students.

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Richard Georges is a writer, editor, and lecturer in the British Virgin Islands. His collections include Make Us All Islands (Shearsman Books), GIANT (Platypus Press) and Epiphaneia (Out-Spoken). He is the recipient of the 2016 Marvin E. Williams Literary Prize from The Caribbean Writer, and has been shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection.

‘Wonderful to have the chance to meet and be taught by master poets at the Poetry School, such as Ilya Kaminsky, great way to get inspiration, new ideas and raise the level of my poetry.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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