Poetry & Advertising Studio

Poetry & Advertising Studio

Where art meets advertising

On this Studio we will set out on a journey to discover the unapparent links between marketing, advertising and the art of poetry. We will see what Axe and Brautigan or Mentos and Warsan Shire have in common, among many others. Then, we will use the creative techniques found in advertising, and even commercials, as starting points for poetry. What is the message of your poems? How can you express it in a unique manner? How can you disrupt the world around you, or even other poems, with your poems? How do you connect your poems to the world around you? How do you make your poems a part of peoples’ lives? We will explore the answers together.

Studios are three week intensive courses. Reading material will be distributed before the course begins. There are no live chats so they are suitable for both UK & International students.

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About Silvia Gradinaru View Profile

Silvia Grădinaru is from Câmpina. She now lives in Bucharest and has been working in advertising for 8 years. She entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012, as co-author of the fastest (collective) novel ever written. She has published and translated poetry, written book reviews and has been an editor for various magazines. In 2012, she wrote her debut volume, L`enfant terrible. In 2019, she performed poetry at Balkan Trafik in Brussels, in opening of a band concert. www.silviatgradinaru.com

‘I love coming to the Poetry school. The standard is so high that it is very stimulating and motivating.We all learn from each other. Poetry School is really helping me to feel a part of a community of committed and supportive poets and this is invaluable to my development as a writer.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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