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Course Quick Guide: Summer 2020

Our Summer Term is live! Welcome to our handy Quick Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about our upcoming courses…

Workshops: One and two day intensive classes

May the Verse be with You: Poetry Inspired by Star Wars with Chrissy Williams 
Odes to the moon are something of a poetic cliché these days. But is the same true when that moon is a space station…? 

Out of the Wreckage with Eleanor Penny 
Come root in Davy Jones’s locker for nautical inspiration, exploring wreckage, ghost ships, and missing histories. 

Stealing, Copying, & Arguing with Ali Lewis 
Get light-fingered and argumentative with other poets to take your own writing to new places. 

Lying Holds the Pleasure / of Ruining a Form with Elaine Kahn 
Engage in lies and deceit to push poetic forms beyond their limits and unlock the explosive power of your writing. 

Writing Love in a Second Language with Meena Kandasamy 
Explore the effects of living, and writing, between multiple languages. 

The Gaps Between the Stories’: White Space, Redaction, & Erasure with Tamar Yoseloff 
Explore visual techniques and play with omissions, erasure, and negative space to expand your poetic practice. 

Euphony: Poetic Sound & the Subconscious with Martha Sprackland 
Listen to your poems’ concerto of sounds as a way to explore their subconscious drives. 

Fighting the Tyrant: A Political & Personal Weekend with Leah Umansky   
Move between the personal and political to explore the power of poetry in fighting tyrants. 

The Language Art – The Intersections of Modern Art & Modern Poetry with S. J. Fowler 
Explore the intersections between the post-war traditions of modern art and avant-garde poetry. 

Magic Weekender: The Poet as Seer, Witch, & Shaman with Sascha Akhtar
Explore ancient notions in contemporary times and write new poems as a seer, magi, witch, healer, and shaman. 

Short Courses: One term courses over five sessions

The Many Voices of Poetry with Becky Varley-Winter 
Examine poetry’s many different voices to see how your own can shift, change and fluctuate for different effects. 

‘The Ladder is Always There’: What makes a Feminist Poem? with Jacqueline Saphra 
Spend June reading and discussing a huge range of feminist poetry. Expect to be surprised, infuriated, and inspired. 

Regional Courses: Classes in Exeter and Birmingham

Voices of the Sea with Jennie Osborne in Exeter
Join us on a voyage into the blue, as we dive to the Marianas Trench, spot white whales, and attempt to clean up the Pacific trash vortex. 

Transformative Poetry with Liz Berry in Birmingham 
Transform yourself and the world around you through the power of poetry. 

Poetry Surgeries: An hour of one-to-one tuition on 150 lines of poetry

Poetry Surgery with Seán Hewitt
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Seán Hewitt.

Poetry Surgery with Linda Gregerson
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Linda Gregerson.

Poetry Surgery with Leah Umansky
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Leah Umansky.


Interactive Courses: Our flagship ten-week online courses with live chats  

Historicising the Prose Poem with Carrie Etter 
Trace the prose poem’s origins from Rimbaud to Rankine. 

The Long Now – Poetry of Deep Time with Suzannah Evans 
Set your clock to slow geological time and use poetry to explore the far future and the deep past. 

Please – No More Poetry: Postmemory & Historical Trauma with Anna Veprinska 
How do we write responsibly about our intergenerational traumas? 

International Courses: Online courses without live chats, suitable for students in all time zones  

Poetics of Space, after Bachelardwith Agnieszka Studzinska
Seek poetry in the intimate spaces in our lives. 

Tell Me About a Complicated Man: Poetry Inspired byThe Odyssey with Stav Poleg
Re-imagine Homer’s cast of Olympians, sea-monsters, Lotus Eaters and mere humans with Emily Wilson’s ground-breaking new translation. 

Odes to the Ordinarywith David Tait
Find beauty in the commonplace and inspiration in the everyday to write meaningfully about our lives.

Queer Natures with Seán Hewitt
Explore the political and bodily implications of nature’s variety, and see how poets have sought out queerness, and even eroticism, in the natural world. 

Transreading Courses: Read poems translated to English, English-language poems inhabiting other cultures, and multilingual poems. 

Transreading Endangered Languages with Clare Pollard
Explore writing in endangered languages, consider the politics of translation, and push your own poetry in completely new directions.

Transreading Historical Sources: Hack the Stories Apart! with Anna Kisby
Explore historical sources to write your own history-poems and give voice to past stories that may go unheard. 

Masterclasses: Advanced and in-depth courses on craft and theory  

Poetic Artifice: Writing With and Against Veronica Forrest-Thomson with Will Harris
Explore, and argue with, Veronica Forrest-Thomson’s seminal ‘Poetic Artifice’, as a means for investigating and expanding your own poetic practice.

Why Rhyme? with Jodie Hollander
Who’s afraid of traditional rhyme? 

‘Where I’m From’: Poetry & Place with Jonathan Edwards 
Use poetry to sing, celebrate, curse, and investigate place. 

Tell Me True: Poetry of Testimony, Memory, & the Archive with Kate Potts 
Explore poetry’s power to re-present testimony, tell the truth, and draw attention to voices that might otherwise remain unheard. 

Feedback: Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems

Fortnightly Feedback with Kirsten Irving 
Knock those loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback. 

Online Studios: Three week intensive courses focusing on writing rather than feedback

How Poetry Can Serve Death: Memento Mori & Vanitas Studio with Sascha Akhtar 
Like love and sex, death is one of the great mysteries; meditate on the many approaches to the topic in your poetry in this intensive studio. 

“I knew what was going to happen and I was right”: Poetry & TV Studio with Jenna Clake  
We hear Netflix are scouting for the next great sonnet series. 

Beyond Ekphrasis: Poetry & Visual Art Studio with Sam Buchan-Watts
Push beyond descriptive writing to explore alternative techniques to engaging with visual art in your poetry. 

If you’d like to read more, please have a look through all our courses on our ‘Courses‘ page. If you need any more information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our ‘Financial Support’ page, send an email over to [email protected], or call us here at the School during office hours. Happy Booking!

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