Odes to the Ordinary (International)

Odes to the Ordinary (International)

Find beauty in the commonplace and inspiration in the everyday to write meaningfully about our lives.

The phrase “write what you know” so often crops up as sage and undeniably strong advice when writing poetry. It’s important to write authentically and honestly about things that genuinely inspire us or move us, things we know well enough to present in a unique manner. But what about the things we overlook, the things we maybe think are unworthy of writing about, the things that may not interest others?

In this course we are going to use the “ordinary” poetry of others to inspire us to write meaningfully about our daily lives, and what we might overlook. We will suspend our disbelief to find beauty in the mundane and explore the small mysteries concealed within our local environments. Poems we will look at on the course will include those by Maitreyabandhu, Fredd Voss, Colette Bryce, Karen Solie, and Paul Farley, amongst many, many others. It’s going to be Extra Ordinary!

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. No live chats. Suitable for UK & International students.

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David Tait lives in Nanjing, China, where he works as a teacher. His first collection Self-Portrait with The Happiness (2014) received an Eric Gregory Award and was shortlisted for the Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection and Polari First Book Prizes. A follow-up pamphlet Three Dragon Day (2015) won the Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition and was shortlisted for The Michael Marks Award. His new collection, The AQI, was published in October 2018.

I've had a really productive time in a safe place and with people and content that inspired! Thank you

– Online survey, Spring 2016

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