Stealing, Copying, & Arguing

Stealing, Copying, & Arguing

Get light-fingered and argumentative with other artists to take your own writing to new places.

*  To ensure the safety of our tutors and students, this course will take place on video-conferencing platform, ZOOM *

In this fast-paced participatory workshop we’ll experiment with ways you can work with the work of others, exploring textual appropriation, collaboration, and inspiration.

In stealing, the first part of the day, we’ll engage with the most innovative methods poets have used to incorporate other texts into their work – and then we’ll nick them. Next, we’ll use techniques such as homophonic translation, caricature, and structural modelling to explore the creative benefits of copying. Finally, in arguing, we’ll turn to the ways in which poets can engage with the ideas of other artists by disagreeing with them, re-contextualising them, or taking them further. Throughout, we’ll consider the ethics of inspiration, exploring ideas of permission, scope, fair use, and justification.

Over the day we’ll take inspiration from poets including Devid Melnick, Chrissy Williams, and Roger Robinson, alongside trying your hand at these techniques to write exciting new pieces that adapt, incorporate, and explode out from the starting block of other poets’ work.

The course will have 2 parts, the first being a Zoom session, filled with challenging reading, writing, and group discussions on the topic, after which you’ll be set various writing prompts and exercises to complete at home, before reconvening for a Zoom-based workshop in part 2 to discuss and develop your new poems.

Saturday 21 November & 12 December, 2–4.30pm.

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About Ali Lewis View Profile

Ali Lewis is a poet from Nottingham. He received an Eric Gregory Award in 2018, and his pamphlet Hotel was published by Verve in 2020. His poems have appeared in magazines including Poetry Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Ambit, Magma, The Scores, The Rialto and Textual Practice. He has been shortlisted for the Ivan Juritz, Pat Kavanagh, and Jane Martin Prizes, and twice been a judge for the Creative Future Awards. He is an AHRC-funded doctoral candidate at Durham University, and Assistant Editor of Poetry London.

‘The Poetry School programmes such thoughtful and unusual courses and enables poets to feel validated, to become more curious, more skilled, more engaged in poetry and the world.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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