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Autumn 2021 – Quick Course Guide

Our Autumn Term is now live and we’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutors and courses lined up, so be sure to book promptly to avoid disappointment. Below is our handy Quick Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about our upcoming courses.


Our flagship weekly workshop groups where you’ll find thoughtful critique and a welcoming poetry community.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou (Zoom)
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou.

The Poet’s Toolkit with Shazea Quraishi (Zoom)
Hone your craft, explore poetry’s inner workings, and look at techniques to help your poems achieve lift-off.

What Next? with Wayne Holloway-Smith (Zoom)
Challenge yourself, elevate your writing, and take the next steps in your poetry career.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Astrid Alben (In-Person)
An exciting new advanced workshop group with the innovative Astrid Alben.

What Now? (Intermediate) with Wayne Holloway-Smith (Zoom)
Bring your writing to the next level and explore contemporary poetry’s cutting-edge.

Wednesday Workshop with Tim Dooley (In-Person)
Our long-running weekly workshop with Tim Dooley, for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique.

Creative Constraint with Jacqueline Saphra (Zoom)
Mix up your writing, and learn new skills and techniques with Jacqueline Saphra.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mark Waldron (Zoom)
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced course with Mark Waldron.

Live Wires: Starting to Write with Becky Varley-Winter (Zoom)
Spark your creativity and take your first steps into the world of poetry!

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Richard Price (Zoom)
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop with Richard Price.

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Tim Dooley (Zoom)
Our weekly workshop for intermediate poets looking to develop their work.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber (In-Person)
Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

Get in depth with these one-term courses over five sessions.

Writing After David Lynch with Chrissy Williams (Zoom)
A week-by-week exploration of Lynch’s films as a source of poetic inspiration.

Tension, Tenderness, & Truth: Reading Elaine Feinstein with Adam Feinstein (Zoom)
Explore the work of renowned poet Elaine Feinstein, under the expert guide of poet, critic, and her son, Adam Feinstein!

The Poetics of Reticence: A Reading & Writing Workshop with Eve Grubin (Zoom)
Investigate the power of blank space in poetry.

One to two day intensive classes on inspiring topics and 1-2-1 surgeries with renowned tutors.

Poetry Surgery with Fiona Sampson
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Fiona Sampson.

The Lyric AI: Poetry & Code with Harry Man (Zoom)
Hack into old habits and discover new languages and realities in this 101 on writing poetry online.

The Language of Recovery: Poems of Hope & Healing with Carmen Bugan (Zoom)
Explore poems of healing, recovery, and hope as we emerge into a changed world.

Comedy for Poets! with Angie Belcher (Zoom)
Put some comedy into your poetry with award-winning comedian and poet Angie Belcher.

Rewilding Ecopoetry with Katrina Naomi (Zoom)
Take an inclusive trip into Ecopoetry to explore the many different ways of writing the environment.

Experiments in Transatlantic Translation with Zoë Skoulding (Zoom)
Consider how poetry in English can refract other languages and explore the Atlantic as a space of exchange and translation.


Our classic ten-week online courses with live chats.

Eating Our Way Around the World, One Poem at a Time with Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Discover how writing about food can be a lens to discover other cultures and help you dig into your own customs. Because who could resist those cold plums?

Line, Space, Beat: Learning Poetic Rhythm with Phoebe Power
Develop your ear for rhythm and learn the many styles and techniques available to you in this poetic craft.

‘Let’s talk about the problem of class…’: Writing Working Class Lives with Jennifer Wong
Explore how poets from around the world interrogate the complexity of class divides as stimulus for vital new work of your own.

Dyspoetics: Neurodiverse Poetry with Rhys Trimble
Discover how poetry, with its creative avenues and alternative forms of expression, is the perfect form for non-neurotypical art.

Online courses without live chats, suitable for students in all time zones.

Freedom to Choose: Experiments in Poetry with Leah Umansky
Invent forms, break the rules, play, and experiment to create surprising, innovative work.

The Radiance of Materials: Stone/Wood/Glass with Fawzia Muradali Kane
Dig into the materials that surround you and their varied histories as a mine for poetic inspiration.

Corruption & the Sonnet with Adam Crothers
Break apart the sonnet apart and re-build it to explore how this form has also housed conflict, connivance, and corruption.

Discovering the City Anew with David Tait
Explore the city historically and what the metropolis can be now, especially in our new post-pandemic context.

Childhood: A Source of Praise with Chris Beckett
Explore childhood’s many landmarks and emotions through the lens of African and Western Praise Poems.

Transcend cultures, languages, and genres to write poems and translations in response to wide readings.

Into the Dark Forest – Transreading Dante’s Divine Comedy with Stav Poleg
Enter the dark forest to find inspiration in the mesmerising world of Dante’s Divine Comedy, as we experiment with light and darkness, love and free will, journeys and destinations.

Poetry Between Body, Self & World: Transreading Nan Shepherd with Samantha Walton
Take inspiration from Nan Shepherd to explore how language can live between the body, self, and natural world. Poetry is language that comes from the body, and can change the way we sense, breathe, and move. This course explores the ways in which language moves between body, self, and world, using Nan Shepherd’s nature writing as prompt and inspiration.

Transreading Italy with Peter Hughes
Write fresh versions from some of the titans of Italian poetry: Dante, Petrarch, Cavalcanti, Leopardi, and Pascoli.

‘Pace out a language to know this place by’: Transreading with Longbarrow Press with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese
Explore the intersections of landscape, history, and memory with a close look at the work of Longbarrow Press.

Advanced and in-depth courses focusing on craft and theory.

At Home in Hauntology: Poetry Through Derrida with Agnieszka Studzińska
Discover what ghostliness and absence can become in your writing, as we trace the spectral in landscape and nature, time, and our relationships with those living and dead.

Grieving the Animal Other in the Age of Extinction with Fran Lock
Ask how poetry can meaningfully attend to, and grieve, vanished animal subjects in this age of extinction and environmental crisis?

On Verticality with JR Carpenter
Break free from the planet’s two-dimensional surface and explore the dizzying heights of verticality in your writing.

Ritual Poetry in Fairy Tale & Mythology with Sascha Akhtar
Explore poetry’s origins in oral magic and myth to begin groundwork for your own grimoire.

Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems from your peers and an esteemed editor.

Fortnightly Feedback with Jess Chandler
Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from expert publisher and editor, Jess Chandler.

Short, intensive courses focusing on writing and inspiration.

The Poetic Potential of the Body Studio+ with Tolu Agbelusi
Investigate the body’s potential as a site for poetic exploration, experimentation, and inspiration.

Poetry Through Theatre: Experiments from the Stage Studio+ with Vilde B. Torset
Explore the poetic dimensions of avantgarde theatre and discover new possibilities at the intersection of poem and play.

Poetry & Mistranslation Studio with Vanessa Kisuule
Play with, and question, the notion of mistranslation to rethink what it means to communicate through poetry.

The Art of Desire Studio, or ‘I want I want I want!’ with Rachel Long
‘I want it all. I want it all. And I want it now’. Delve into desire with Rachel Long.

If you’d like to read more, please have a look through our ‘Courses’ page. If you need any information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our ‘Financial Support’ page or send an email over to [email protected]. Happy Booking!

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