Dyspoetics: Neurodiverse Poetry

Dyspoetics: Neurodiverse Poetry

Discover how poetry, with its creative avenues and alternative forms of expression, is the perfect form for non-neurotypical art.

The old word for dyslexia is Strephosymbolia, which means ‘twisted symbol’ and implies an alternative interpretation of written symbols. This explanation of non-neurotypical interpretation – through incorrect, ‘twisted’, or multiple readings – can be seen as a form of deep exploration; one that is multi-layered and creative, and the ideal set of parameters from which to make art; especially the art of poetry, with its creative avenues and alternative forms of expression, meaning, and experimentation.

This course is aimed at neurodiverse poetry practitioners who would like to explore the unique aspects of their writing by mining-down into what makes this ‘untidy’ yet pioneering, ‘confusing’ yet inspired, ‘non-linear’ yet rhizomic, and ‘unfocussed’ yet recursive. We want to encourage students to break away from trying to fit into conventional neurotypical models of competence, linearity, or literariness, and find new wells of inspiration from their own idiosyncratic means of expression, producing innovative new work, and exploring the poetic artform from an entirely new angle.

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks, starting  6 October 2021. Live chats on Wednesdays, 7–9 pm GMT; first live chat 20 October.

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About Rhys Trimble View Profile

Rhys Trimble is a bilingual poet, performer, performance artist, text artist, visual artist, musician, editor, critic, and shaman. Interested in avant-garde poetry, art, and music, and its parallels in Welsh/ancient artforms – also poetry and visual image as ritual and processual cut-up techniques. He is the author of twelve or more books of poetry and Vispo, and vocalist in the noise punk band Lolfa Binc.

‘This is the first time I have attended a course of this nature. It has been incredibly inspiring and very accessible. Having taken the first steps towards putting pen to paper in such a friendly and supportive environment I feel confident and able to continue along this path. Writing time has very quickly become a natural part of my daily routine.’

– Spring 2021 survey response

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