Transreading Italy (Autumn 2021)

Transreading Italy (Autumn 2021)

Write fresh versions from some of the titans of Italian poetry: Dante, Petrarch, Cavalcanti, Leopardi, and Pascoli

In this course we will celebrate some of the greatest highlights of Italian poetry through English versions. We will explore the amazing ways Italian verse has influenced and stimulated English poetry, not just through traditional translation but also through all kinds of creative experimentation.

It has long been the case that most classic literature is read in translation rather than in the original by the vast majority of people around the world. Italian poetry has had a particularly significant influence on English writers from Chaucer onwards. On this course we will write poems in response to great Italian texts by Petrarch, Cavalcanti, and Dante, by Leopardi and Pascoli, before moving on to the early twentieth-century Modernists. Finally, we will look at a selection of contemporary Italian writers including Laura Accerboni, Antonella Anedda, and Elisa Biagini.

By the end of the course, students will have produced a creative portfolio of poetry inspired by the best in Italian literature and, we hope, developed a fascination for, and love of, Italian poetry that extends into the future, both as an interest in its own right and also as an enduring and open-ended stimulus to write new work. Students do not need any language other than English to follow the course.

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. No live chats. Suitable for UK & International students.

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About Peter Hughes View Profile

Peter Hughes is a poet and the founding editor of Oystercatcher Press, currently based in Snowdonia, Wales. In 2016 he was the Judith E. Wilson Visiting Fellow in Poetry at the University of Cambridge. His many books include a Selected Poems (Shearsman, 2013), innovative versions of all Petrarch’s sonnets Quite Frankly (Reality Street Editions, 2015), Cavalcanty (Carcanet, 2017), and via Leopardi 21 (Equipage, 2018).

I have done seven Poetry School courses over the past three years. All have been online. All these courses have helped me to develop my poetry writing and have encouraged me to take writing more seriously. They have been very helpful in terms of helping me break through into publication in poetry magazines and they inspire me to keep going with my writing even when I feel I am losing my way with it. I am always amazed by the passion for poetry shown by the tutors and fellow participants. The courses are always conducted in an immensely supportive environment of mutual respect and they help build an international community of writers, transcending borders and boundaries. I plan to do many more Poetry School courses in the coming years.’

– Spring 2021 survey response

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