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How I Did It: ‘The Shipwrecked House II’

I wrote ‘The Shipwrecked House II’ at my grandmother’s funeral. I know this because this image is my contribution to her funeral book. A few weeks later I met Tom Chivers for the first time to discuss my yet untitled collection. I wanted to go with ‘Hook’ in memory of my grandmother (her maiden name)…

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Lo-fi poetry: a best-of

In a recent interview with Helen Ivory, we discussed the new dawn of lo-fi poetry: zines that embrace their low-budgets, a preference for the hand-crafted  over the sleek. Helen came up with this wonderful summary of the situation: ‘because of Kindle, books will generally become more beautiful as objects and be valued as such, rather…

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The Weird Transformists

The weird transformists apply the New Weird to poetry but are not restricted to sci-fi topics. The weird transformists do not see the poem as a fixed object but one that can be manipulated in a multiplicity of ways. The weird transformists know each poem has a different way of telling the time, which might…

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Meet our Digital-Poet-in-Residence: an interview with Claire Trévien

An Interview with Claire Trévien

We first discovered Claire’s work through her excellent first collection, The Shipwrecked House (recently nominated for this year’s Guardian First Book Award), a freewheeling, sea-soaked reel of a book that’s as sharp as a scrimshaw knife. Claire is also the editor of Sabotage Reviews and co-editor/creator of Verse Kraken. So, naturally, we invited Claire to…

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