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Summer School 2019

Our 2019 Summer School is here! This boiling summer we’ve teamed up with hot experimental indie Boiler House Press to present a scorching line-up of half-day workshops. Put a towel down and reserve your place.

Monday 15 July

What does it mean to think, write and co-exist with water? Explore how we relate to each other through this most primal element, and experiment with writing your own hydro-lyrics.

Poetry & Profanity with Inua Ellams

Get profane with Inua Ellams to learn how four letter expletives can actually enrich your writing.

Tuesday 16 July

Is the author really dead? Consider what there is to learn from historical poets who would fall below the ethical standards of today.

Push beyond the ‘literal’ with Jamie McKendrick to get first-hand experience of poetry translation.

Wednesday 17 July

Constraints & Play with Tim Atkins

Get playful with Tim Atkins and learn how ludic games and constraints can enrich your writing.

Bro, do you even lyric? Debunk received ideas on masculinity and get your poems buff.

Thursday 18 July

Break out of the first person and create dynamic poems from new perspectives.

Explore the many ways of generating creative responses for poetry commissions and residencies.

Friday 19 July

Draw Down The Stars with Francesca Lisette

Work with astrological archetypes for poetic insight and liberation.

Poetry as Alchemy with Sophie Robinson

Light your burners, prep your boiling flasks, and get ready to pen your Magnum Opus as you transmute the lead of the everyday into poetic gold.

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