Hydro Lyric: Water & the Self in Contemporary Poetry

Hydro Lyric: Water & the Self in Contemporary Poetry

What does it mean to think, write and co-exist with water? Explore how we relate to each other through this most primal element, and experiment with writing your own hydro-lyrics.

In the workshop, we’ll explore the poetry of water, looking at how writers like Rita Wong, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Lorine Niedecker, and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett have approached this alluring and vital substance. We’ll consider philosophical, personal, and creative approaches to writing about and with water, from hydrophilia to hydrophobia, hydropoetics to hydropolitics. Exploring the theory of ‘transcorporeality’ – which describes how water flows between bodies and places – and the perspectives of indigenous Water Protectors, we’ll consider how poets have expressed the value and meanings of water. And we’ll reflect on how our connections with people and places through water tests the boundaries of the lyric. What does it mean to write the self in a world of flow, connection, and confluence?

Monday 15th July 10.30am–1pm.

All classes will be in our offices at 1 Dock Offices, Surrey Quays Road, Canada Water, SE16 2XU. The venue is a 2-minute walk from Canada Water Station. Take the ‘Lower Road’ exit from the station onto Surrey Quays Road, then walk straight ahead, crossing over Deal Porters Way, and the Dock Offices come up on the left. The door for the school is at the far end of the building.

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Samantha Walton teaches literature at Bath Spa University and co-edits the poetry publisher, Sad Press. Her collection, Self Heal, was published by Boiler House Press in 2018. Engaging ‘passionately with questions of identity, consumerism, gender, and humanity’s relationship to the natural environment’, it was one of the White Reviews Books of the Year 2018.

'My whole life I have been nervous to talk to others about poetry for fear of judgement, so it was a unique opportunity to speak to other people who are curious about poetry too. I came away buzzing with energy and feeling empowered.'

– Spring 2019 survey response

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