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Spring 2022 – Quick Course Guide

Our Spring Term is now live and we’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutors and courses lined up, so be sure to book promptly to avoid disappointment. Below is our handy Quick Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about our upcoming courses.


Our classic ten-week online courses with Live Chats.

Bardics: A Poetics of Shamanism with Rhys Trimble
Explore Shamanic poetic practices to learn how to bring the Bardic into your writing. 

A Slice of Butterworth-Toast: Writing Poems for Children with Rachel Piercey
Write new poems for children, inspired by Charles Causley. 

Location, Location, Location: Countries of the Mind with Catherine Smith
Develop your own ‘poetry of place’ as we explore the poetic possibilities of real and imaginary locations. 

Online courses without Live Chats, suitable for students in all time zones.

Expanded Screenwriting as Poem Form with Emma Bolland
Experiment with the possibilities of screenwriting and scripts as a form for your poetry. 

Writing About Writing: What Am I Doing Here? with Lily Blacksell
Reveal your hand, show your face, and rise from your poems’ surfaces to ask what you’re doing, and why?

Reading & Writing Robert Frost with Jodie Hollander
Closely examine the work of Robert Frost to take inspiration from one of poetry’s true masters. 

‘What will I do now, with my hands?’: Writing Queer Sex with Remi Graves
Learn to write directly, imaginatively, tenderly, and fearlessly about the different shapes, tastes, and textures of queer sex.

Forms of Family with Gboyega Odubanjo & Cai Draper
Consider what it means to write about family, as we experiment with different ways to approach this sometimes-thorny topic. 

Persian Poetry Through the Ages: From Rumi & Hafez to Forough Farrokhzad & Kaveh Akbar with Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Take inspiration from a poetic tradition filled with imaginative verse and spanning more than eight centuries. 

Transcend cultures, languages, and genres to write poems and translations in response to wide readings.

Beyond Words: Transreading Experimental Latin American Poetries with Leo Boix
Explore the dynamic world of 20th Century Latinx poetry as inspiration for new poems and translations of your own. 

Exercises in Potential Literature: Transreading Oulipo with Sue Burge
Explore Oulipean constraints to shake up your writing practice. 

‘Let my poems wash away your treachery’: Transreading Georgian Poetry with Rebecca Ruth Gould
Dive into the unexplored world of Georgian modernism and learn how these writers forged poetry from political oppression. 

Transreading Ukrainian Poetry: ‘a crimson bush amidst silence’ with Steve Komarnyckyj
Explore one of the world’s greatest neglected literatures with expert Steve Komarnyckyj. 

Advanced and in-depth courses focusing on craft and theory.

The Bright Field: Poetries of Personal Faith with Kathryn Simmonds
How can we write poems of genuine faith in an increasingly disingenuous world?  

Echoing Forms: Masterclass with Richard Georges
Use choruses, repetition, and other techniques to create echoes and resonances that amplify. 

‘This peculiarly mind-entangling beat: Ritual, Magic, & Mythology with Sascha Akhtar
Explore poetry’s origins in oral magic and myth to begin groundwork for your own grimoire. 

Writing Emotion: Contemporary Confessional Poetry with Rebecca Tamás
Explore the beautiful, ugly, messy, and raw world of emotion as inspiration for important new poems. 

Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems from your peers and an esteemed editor.

Fortnightly Feedback with Shivanee Ramlochan
Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from poet and essayist, Shivanee Ramlochan. 

Short, intensive courses focusing on writing and inspiration.

Thingly Power: (In)Animate Studio with Caleb Parkin
Discover your sensuous side and write poems exploring the radiant materiality of curious objects. 

Carnival & the Masks of Bacchanal Studio+ with Fawzia Muradali Kane
Displace poetic hierarchies and revel in hedonistic Carnival-style freedom in your poetry. 

The Cut & Paste Studio with Danne Jobin
Explore poetry and collage to expand your practice and open up new avenues for mixed-media writing.

Writing the Holocaust: Memory, Ethics, & the Limits of Imagination Studio+ with Anna Veprinska
Consider how we might ethically approach the Holocaust in our writing and what it means to write this topic today.

Video & In-Person

Our flagship weekly workshop groups where you’ll find thoughtful critique and a welcoming poetry community.
Booking for new students in our three-term courses will open on 22 November, as continuing students have a priority booking period.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou (Zoom)
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou.

The Poet’s Toolkit with Shazea Quraishi (Zoom)
Hone your craft, explore poetry’s inner workings, and look at techniques to help your poems achieve lift-off.

What Next? with Wayne Holloway-Smith (Zoom)
Challenge yourself, elevate your writing, and take the next steps in your poetry career.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Astrid Alben (In-Person)
An exciting new advanced workshop group with the innovative Astrid Alben.

What Now? (Intermediate) with Wayne Holloway-Smith (Zoom)
Bring your writing to the next level and explore contemporary poetry’s cutting-edge.

Wednesday Workshop with Tim Dooley (In-Person)
Our long-running weekly workshop with Tim Dooley, for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique.

Creative Constraint with Jacqueline Saphra (Zoom)
Mix up your writing, and learn new skills and techniques with Jacqueline Saphra.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mark Waldron (Zoom)
An advanced weekly workshop group with the inimitable Mark Waldron.

Live Wires: Starting to Write with Becky Varley-Winter (Zoom)
Spark your creativity and take your first steps into the world of poetry!

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Richard Price (Zoom)
Join this group for rigorous discussion of your writing with acclaimed poet Richard Price.

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Tim Dooley (Zoom)
Our weekly workshop for intermediate poets looking to develop their work.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber (In-Person)
Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

Get in depth with these one-term courses over five sessions.

The Poetry of Pain with Sarah Fletcher (Zoom)
Create your personal pain-language and find healing through poetry. 

Poetry That Sings with Rebecca Levi (Zoom)
Let music and its principles spark new ideas and help your writing sing, dance, and find its rhythm. 

(Im)Perfectly Formed: Writing about the Body with Lewis Buxton
Learn how different poetic forms can shape writing about bodies. 

Poetry Vs. Prose with Shazea Quraishi (Zoom)
Interrogate your personal poetics and generate new writing as we explore the differences (and similarities) between poetry and prose. 

One to two day intensive classes on inspiring topics and 1-2-1 surgeries with renowned tutors.

A Sci-Fi Enterprise of Social Poetics with Nisha Ramayya (Zoom)
Push beyond your earthly limits as we explore the social poetics of Sci-Fi. 

Swerve: Surprise, Errancy, & Unexpected Turns with Genevieve Stevens (Zoom)
Explore errancy and try out some dangerous driving in your poetry. 

Poetry of the Menopause: Pause & Refresh with Katrina Naomi (Zoom)
Join us for a workshop on poetry of the menopause, where we’ll read and write poems exploring how our bodies change – the losses and the gains.  

Apocalypse & Myth with Eleanor Penny (Zoom)
With a new apocalypse seemingly around every corner, how can we make sense of the present moment in our writing? 

The Uncertainty Principle with Jack Underwood (In-Person)
Learn to feel certain in poetic uncertainty and trust your readers to actively participate in your writing. 

Poetry Surgery with Leah Umansky (Zoom)
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Leah Umansky. 

Poetry Surgery with Mina Gorji (Zoom)
In-depth 1-2-1 discussion on your poetry with Mina Gorji. 

If you’d like to read more, please have a look through our ‘Courses’ page. If you need any information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our ‘Financial Support’ page or send an email over to [email protected]. Happy Booking!

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