Where Poetry Meets Notions of ‘Performance’

Where Poetry Meets Notions of ‘Performance’

What does performance lend to poetry and vice versa?

This workshop will explore poetry through the lens of ‘performance’. It will challenge assumptions on what performance lends to poetry and vice versa. We will collaboratively and playfully open up some questions that relate to authenticity and pretence, to audience, and to reader, to social code and how humans use ‘mask’ to play, survive, and perform.  We will explore notions of visibility vs. invisibility and focus on what tender pressures the notion of ‘performance’ brings to poetry and to the poet.  

In the workshop, poets will be encouraged to write ‘performance’ as a theme and together we will explore prompts based on ‘performance’ to aid our experimentation. Poets will also read some contemporary poems related to the theme, as well as reading each other’s work. The workshop will offer poets a chance to give and receive peer-to-peer feedback with a focus on developing technique and expanding poetry practice in the spirit of sharing, support, and collectivity. 

One off In-Person Session on Saturday 20 April 2024, 10.30am–1pm (BST). This course will take place at Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA. 

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About Jess Murrain View Profile

Jess Murrain is a theatre-maker, actor, filmmaker and co-founder of Theatre with Legs, a queer, experimental theatre company. She is an alumnus of Southbank New Poets Collective (21/22), winner of Ledbury Poetry Prize 2021 and Outspoken Poetry Prize 2023. Her debut poetry pamphlet, One Woman-Horse Show is published with Bad Betty Press.

"It felt great to be part of such a generous and creative community. I felt like my fellow poets were cheering each other on, and it was really neat to hear how others read my poetry. I enjoyed seeing different styles and hearing different stories."

- Autumn 2023 Survey Response

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