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New Poets Collective – Quick Course Guide

In addition to our Summer programme this year, we are running a series of exciting courses tutored by fresh voices from The New Poets Collective. Have a look at the below quick guide to this fantastic line up and make sure you book your place quickly to avoid disappointment!

In-Person Courses

Poems as Constellations with Hasti
What is constellatory poetics, and how can we light up our own poems from the inside?

Don’t Kill Your Darlings with Jinhao Xie
A safe space to plant new poems and watch them bloom.

Where Poetry Meets Notions of ‘Performance’ with Jess Murrain
What does performance lend to poetry and vice versa?

Making in the Margins with April Yee
Writing in the often-forgotten zones

Blurring Empire: A Visual Poetry Workshop with Rona Luo
How does visual poetry make space for multiplicity?

Poetry of Hours with M.C. Gardner
How do we translate the pain of losing love into poetry?

What Clickbait Can Teach Us about Poetry with Yanita Georgieva
Grabbing your readers’ attention and holding on to it

Video Courses

Prosody & Rhyme with Colin Bramwell
A workshop on rhyme, prosody and memory.

Writing the Body with Tim Tim Cheng
Making sense of the mess and glory of the human body.

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