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Summer 2024 – Quick Course Guide

Our Summer Term is now live and we’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutors and poetry courses lined up, so be sure to book promptly to avoid disappointment. Below is our handy Quick Course Guide, where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know.

Online Courses

Our classic 10-week online poetry courses with Live Chats.

Myth, Magic, & Monsters: Ancient Stories, New Truths with Catherine Smith
Mine the magical in modern and historic poetry; creating your own personal poetic of myth. 

Online courses without Live Chats, suitable for students in all time zones.

Searching & Finding: The Poetry of Road Movies with Sue Burge
Journaling the joy of journeys – hit the highways of your own poetic hinterland.

The Invisible Frames: On & Beyond the Sonnet with Edward Doegar
Find form and freedom in the famous fourteen.

Into the Dark Forest – Transreading Dante’s Divine Comedy with Stav Poleg
Find inspiration in the mesmerising world of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Writing Alternative Poetic Histories with Steve Komarnyckyj
Remake history and poetic traditions to imbue a chaotic present with meaning.


Transcend culture, languages, and genres to write poems and translations in response to wide readings.

Italian Influencers: Transreading Italian Poetry with Peter Hughes
Inimitable Italian poetics – from the classical to the current.

SCULPTING LANGUAGE: Women Making Visual Poetry with Astra Papachristodoulou
Explore the sensorial dimension of visual poetry by engaging with the work of exciting, innovative women poets.  

Transreading the Pamphlet Form with Guillemot Press with Luke Thompson
Explore the creative potential of the pamphlet form with expert pamphlet publishers, Guillemot Press.


Advanced and in-depth poetry courses focusing on craft and theory.

Mayonnaise & the Sublime Masterclass with Agnieszka Studzinska
Locating the liminal in conceptual emulsion – poetics at the unfathomable edge.

Reclaiming the ‘I’: Masterclass with Leah Umansky
Rediscover the ‘I’ and examine the delights of its persona.

Zig Zag Motifs: Lyric Invitation, Immersion, & Criticism Masterclass with Zakia Carpenter-Hall
The poet as critic, the critic as artist – poetics across the divide.


Receive thoughtful critiques of 5 poems from your peers and an esteemed tutor.

Fortnightly Feedback with Arji Manuelpillai
Knock your loose poems into shape with some concentrated feedback from poet and PBS pamphlet choice selector, Arji Manuelpillai.


Short, intensive poetry courses focusing on writing and inspiration.

Metamorphosis – Becoming Animal in Poetry with Eleanor Penny
Back to being a beast; the animus of animality.

Poetry & the Handwritten: Between Pen & Page Studio+ with Vilde Bjerke Torset
Explore the poetic potential of the handwritten word and discover the unique authenticity of putting pen to paper.

Taking a Position: Points of View Studio with Kathryn Simmonds
First, second, third person; explore how different points of view and narrative positions affect your poems.

From Kansas to Oz Studio with Ben Rhys Palmer
Disorient and delight as you whisk readers from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Video & In Person Courses


Get in depth with these one-term poetry courses.

Science & Poetry with Mario Petrucci | In Person
Fissile material; experiment with scientific stanzas and supercharge your poetic skills.

Recite! Read! Critique! Edit! with Matthew Caley | In Person
Playing to the crowd; polish your pieces through the poetics of performance.

Poetic Theft: From Inspiration to Transformation with Louis Glazzard | Zoom
A transformative workshop series about harnessing your inspirations to expand your writing.

Joy in the Detail: Reading, Writing, & Editing as Creative Process with Jane Commane | Zoom
Develop your critical confidence and editorial skills with the editor-in-chief at Nine Arches Press.

Revolutionary Poetics: Writing Against the Grain with Mischa Foster Poole | Zoom
Alternate art; busting open the poem to embrace new and experimental forms.


Intensive classes on inspiring topics and 1-2-1 surgeries with renowned tutors.

Whose Story is it Anyway? Exploring Unreliable Narration with Elspeth Wilson | Zoom
Oh speaker, my speaker; exploring the varied voices hiding behind the poetic curtain.

Poems & Houses with Laura Scott | In Person
House & home; poetics of our storied buildings.

Flâneur-ing About: The Poetry of Streets with Suzannah V. Evans | In Person
The meaningful meander; writing the city on the hoof.

A Quest for Innocence in a Troubled World with Carmen Bugan | In Person
Honing hope; awakening a poetics of wonder in a worrisome world.


Our flagship weekly workshop groups where you’ll find thoughtful critique and a welcoming poetry community.

Creative Constraint with Jacqueline Saphra | Zoom
Mix up your writing, and learn new skills and techniques with Jacqueline Saphra.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou | Zoom
Develop your writing through discussion and feedback in this advanced workshop with Anthony Anaxagorou. 

What Next? (Advanced) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom
Challenge yourself, elevate your writing, and take the next steps in your poetry career. 

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Astrid Alben | In Person
An exciting advanced workshop group with the innovative Astrid Alben.

What Now? (Intermediate) with Wayne Holloway-Smith | Zoom
Bring your writing to the next level and explore contemporary poetry’s cutting-edge.

Finding the Form; Breaking the Mould with  Shazea Quraishi | Zoom
Hone your craft, explore poetry’s inner workings, and look at techniques to help your poems achieve lift-off.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Mark Waldron | Zoom
An advanced weekly workshop group with the inimitable Mark Waldron.

Wednesday Workshop with Tim Dooley | Zoom
Our long-running weekly workshop with Tim Dooley, for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique.

Rachel Long’s Advanced Weekly Workshop with Rachel Long and Special Guests | Zoom
An exciting new advanced workshop group with the much-loved Rachel Long and the benefit of special guest tutors each term.

Live Wires: Starting to Write with Rebecca Varley-Winter | Zoom
Spark your creativity and take your first steps into the world of poetry!

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Richard Price | Zoom
Join this group for rigorous discussion of your writing with acclaimed poet Richard Price.

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Natasha Hakimi Zapata | Zoom
Our weekly workshop for intermediate poets looking to develop their work.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber | In Person
Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

*Please note: places on these 3-term courses are reserved for continuing students until 11 March 2024

If you’d like to read more, please visit our Courses page. If you need any information on concessions or bursaries, please have a look through our Financial Support page or send an email to [email protected]. Happy booking!

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