Where No Poem Has Gone Before: Science Fiction Studio

Where No Poem Has Gone Before: Science Fiction Studio

Explore distant planets, future cities, and the furthest reaches of human imagination

‘A Poet is a radio receiving broadcasts from East Mars.’
– Jack Spicer

The task of science fiction is to imagine the future that advancing technology and exploration of the universe might bring. So why is this job so often left up to narrative forms like television and the novel? This course explores the small but notable body of work in ‘science fiction poetry’, looking at explorations in the genre in the 1970s by poets such as Edwin Morgan and Nathaniel Tarn, to contemporary practitioners like Tracy K. Smith, Will Alexander, and Amy Catanzano. Students will produce work that: does science fiction, engaging with imagined technological futures; deals with existing science fiction, treating starship captains and androids the way other poems treat mythological figures and epic heroes; and challenges form and language to produce their own new technologies of meaning. If you have a vision of the future, or want to tune your poetic antennas to receive them, then this course is the way to do it.

Studios are 3-4 week intensive courses. Reading material will be distributed before the course begins. There are no live chats so they are suitable for both UK & International students. 

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About Callie Gardner View Profile

Callie Gardner is a poet, critic, and tutor based in Glasgow. They are the author of Poetry & Barthes (Liverpool University Press, 2018) and naturally it is not. (The 87 Press, 2018). Callie is also a editor of Zarf poetry magazine and its associated pamphlet press, Zarf Editions.

‘I have the opportunity to enjoy teaching by very experienced and dedicated poets, ready to share their knowledge and vision and to encourage their students.’

– Summer 2018 survey response

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