Shifting Landscape: Ecopoetics, the Body, & Science of Time (International)

Shifting Landscape: Ecopoetics, the Body, & Science of Time (International)

Embody the natural world and become the speaking body of nature in your work.

‘I spoke the lifespan of air’ – Nicholas Samaras

Nature is revolution – the unheard tree falling in the forest, land shifting under our feet, the blossoming sky and its daily bruising between the sun and the earth. How do we embody the physical, natural world(s) that surround us – how do we become the speaking body of nature, translate what we see, become what we see to understand its existence? The natural world is our silent partner; our bodies are the counterculture. Let’s turn “‘green’ into a verb,” (Donald Revell) have a garden party somewhere between Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland and Dante’s Hell. We will explore how poets, artists, and scientists share the same map. We are certain to break the rules and revert to new discoveries in writing from the ground up, from the body, and the out of bounds beyond. Personification, transmogrification, epistolary, and the personal art of the senses are some of the tools that bring us closer to our environments.

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks. No live chats. Suitable for UK & International students.

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About Elena Karina Byrne View Profile

Elena Karina Byrne is a multimedia artist, private editor, lecturer, Literary Programs Director for The Ruskin Art Club, and the annual Poetry Consultant & Moderator for The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Former appointments include her position as the 12-year Regional Director of the Poetry Society of America, one of the 2016-2018 final judges for the Kate and Kingsley Tufts Awards in Poetry, and one of three poets chosen to lecture for the ten university consortia in the 2018-2019 Georgia Poetry Circuit. A former guest editor for The Los Angeles Review and 2006 judge for PEN USA’s Literary Award in Poetry, Elena now sits on the advisory board for the collective, What Books Press, is a Contributing Editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books, and the West Coast Editor-at-Large for Terminus magazine. She also develops ekphrastic poetry programs with the Craft Contemporary Museum and teaches for numerous institutions like The Poetry Barn and Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Elena’s books include her fourth collection If This Makes You Nervous (Omnidawn, 2021); the chapbook NO, DON’T (What Books Press, 2020); Squander (Omnidawn, 2016); MASQUE (Tupelo Press, 2008); The Flammable Bird (Zoo Press, 2002) and a just-completed volume of hybrid, “interrupted” essays: VOYEUR HOUR: Meditations on Poetry, Art & Desire.

‘I really enjoyed Shazea’s programme, she led the group well, and was pertinent and probing of works throughout the course. She was keen to include the whole group, and created a positive dynamic. I would definitely book another course with Shazea again, and the content she selected was inspiring and helpful in my exploration of poetry.’

– Summer 2019 survey response

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