Self, Place, World (Birmingham)

Self, Place, World (Birmingham)

Explore your unique perspective on the world to create new poems

This course encourages you to think about your own poetry as a series of concentric circles. We start with a session on the poetry of private experience, thinking about ways of introducing your own individual voice and distinctive personal take on events. Session Two moves to focus on the poet as an observer of place, describing elements of the built environment and the local community, and using those concrete details as the bedrock of more narrative description. The third session is about broadening and deepening your outlook as a writer, thinking about how poetry can engage with the public realm and with concepts, contemporary or historical, that connect your writing with wider realms of discussion and debate. Taught by the current Birmingham Poet Laureate, Richard O’Brien, these three workshops will confront pressing critical questions about the place of poetry in the contemporary world by bridging the gap between self-expression and a useful engagement with our own time and our own communities.

3 monthly sessions on Saturdays, 12pm – 3pm, 27 April, 25 May, 29 June.

All classes will take place at Then Pen Museum, Unit 3, The Argent Centre, 60 Frederick St, Birmingham B1 3HS.

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About Richard O'Brien View Profile

Richard O’Briens publications include The Emmores (The Emma Press, 2014) and A Bloody Mess (Valley Press, 2015), and work in a range of magazines and anthologies. Richard won an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors in 2017, and currently works as a Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Creativity at the University of Birmingham. He has also been a commissioning editor at The Emma Press, and is the Birmingham Poet Laureate 2018–2020.

‘I am really learning every day from the Poetry School – every assignment, every tutor, every other student teaches me something new, small or profound. Joining the School is undoubtedly the best thing I ever did for my writing’

– Autumn 2018 survey response

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