Ransacking the Museum

Ransacking the Museum

Ransack the Natural History Museum for metaphors and allegories before incorporating its exhibits into new poems of your own.

Are there enough floating blue whales in your poems? How about dinosaur skeletons and giant cells? This two part workshop encourages you to ransack the Natural History Museum for metaphors and allegories. The first day will begin at Lambeth where we’ll look together at poems inspired by museum exhibits and objects from the past. In the afternoon, we’ll then head en masse to Kensington for you to investigate the museum with your notebook in hand, thinking about different ways you might use its exhibits to explore human relationships and concerns. You’ll have a month to come up with your own original pieces before the second day, which will focus on workshopping your own poems inspired by the visit.

A two-day workshop running 10:30 – 16:30 on Saturday 27th May (Reading and Museum Day) and Saturday 1st July (Workshop Day).

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John McCullough’s poems have appeared in various places including Poetry Review, London Magazine, The Guardian, Poetry London and Best British Poetry. His first collection The Frost Fairs (Salt, 2011) won the Polari First Book Prize and was a Book of the Year for The Independent and The Poetry School, and a summer read for The Observer. He has produced commissioned poems for both The British Museum and The British Film Institute. His second collection Spacecraft is out now and published by Penned in the Margins. It was named one of The Guardian‘s Best Books for Summer 2016, and was a Book of the Year for Sabotage Reviews Critic’s Choice and the London Review bookshop.

The poetry school helps you get exposed to different ways of learning, writing and thinking that might have taken years to find out on your own or most likely you would have never realised. That's a very valuable gift.

- Summer 2016 survey response.

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