Processual Poetry & Dérive

Processual Poetry & Dérive

Take a poem out for a (random) walk

This course introduces and builds on process-based poetry – poetries that use algorithmic methods to produce the poem. I will focus on the writing process that is the dérive – which is the walking process of the psychogeographer the flâneuse/flâneur – the random walk. The route and ambiance of the walk determines the vocabulary and timbre of the poem. Processual methods can also be used to edit the piece. Once everyone has the concept of processual composition down we can refine the technique using multiple processual elements such as Oulipo (Queneau, Perec) cut-up (Burroughs & Gysin, Tzara) and the methods of Jackson Mac Low, Bernadette Mayer, CA Conrad; and leave it to Guy Debord of the Letterist group to introduce the origin of the dérive as Marxian resistance to capitalism.

5 fortnightly sessions over 10 weeks, starting 27 January 2020. Live chats on Mondays, 7-9pm GMT; first live chat 3 February.

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Rhys Trimble is a bilingual poet, performer, performance artist, text artist, visual artist, musician, editor, critic and shaman. Interested in avant-garde poetry, art and music and its parallels in Welsh/ancient artforms, also poetry and visual image as ritual and processual cut-up techniques. The author of twelve or more books of poetry and Vispo. Vocalist in the noise punk band Lolfa Binc.

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