Poetry Vs. Shame

Poetry Vs. Shame

Explore the topic of shame with Richard Scott and consider if poetry might even challenge and defeat shame.

What exactly is shame and can we make poetry from it? Might poetry challenge and defeat shame itself? And might confronting shame turn us into better artists?

These are just some of the questions we will be asking, whilst looking at how poets Daljit Nagra, C. K. Williams, Cavafy and Adrienne Rich, have grappled with shame in their work.

We will also be exploring what shame might mean to you as a writer and how to channel it into your own poetry via close readings and writing exercises.

This is a half-day workshop running 14:00 –16:30 on Friday July 28th. 

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Richard Scott’s pamphlet Wound, published by Rialto, won the Michael Marks Poetry Award 2016. His debut collection is forthcoming from Faber & Faber.

Really shows what impact a day can have on your writing- changing the way you think and the kinds of topics you write about.

– Spring 2017 Survey response

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