“I’m out of time, I’m Out of F***ing Time!” – Writing from the Queer Archive

“I’m out of time, I’m Out of F***ing Time!” – Writing from the Queer Archive

Explore history and archives in this multimedia course, and learn to write poems that ask a lot of questions and complicate narratives of lived experience.

This multimedia course will explore the potential of archives for queer writers. Using film, photography and other materials from various collections we will look at history as fertile ground for grappling with erasure, secrecy and marginalisation, as well as radical activism, politics and dramatic cultural change. We will write poems that ask a lot of questions: how does the construction of the archive relate to lived experience? What gets documented, by whom and why? How do we understand and complicate narratives around sex, sexuality and gender with perspectives on areas such as race, class and disability? How have practitioners across a range of disciplines creatively approached these questions? And what is it we wish to document for future generations?

Starts 25 January. 5 weekly sessions, 6:45pm – 8:45pm on Thursdays. 

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Jay Bernard is a writer, film programmer and archivist from London. Their latest pamphlet, The Red and Yellow Nothing (2016), was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award. Recent projects include Something Said (2017) a short film created as part the film collective Philomela’s Chorus, and Regina v Turing and Murray (2017), a VR project based on Alan Turing’s trial at Knutsford. Other works include Beacon of Hope (2016), English Breakfast (2013) and Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2008).

The Poetry School holds open a valuable space for a diverse range of writers to create, share, explore, and learn. It is an important part of the fabric of the wider poetry field, dedicated to fostering passion, fun, expertise and new voices from all over the UK, and I suspect increasingly, beyond.

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