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Summer School 2018

Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down! Our Summer School is back, and this year is better than ever. So dust off that bathing suit and dive into a week of half-day workshops running 23 – 27 July.

This time around we’ve collaborated with Rachel Long, poet and founder of Octavia – Poetry Collective for Womxn of Colour – and together we’ve co-curated a panel of some of the most exciting poets we could find. As you might expect, there’s a diverse range of themes, voices and ideas available, so take a look at what’s on offer and make sure to sign up fast – places are very limited.

Workshops run either 10:30am – 1pm or 2pm – 4:30pm
Prices: £35, £33 or £28




Portrait of the Artist As a Horse: Animal Transformation in Poetry – A.K. Blakemore

Learn what it means to be human by exploring the playful and grotesque potential of animal iconography, and the chimeric possibilities of poetic form.

‘She Whom the Moon Ruled’: Astrophysics, Astrology & Poetry – Sunayana Bhargava & Rhondda Rhiannon

Get your telescopes ready to explore the universe with an astrophysicist and consider your place among the stars to inspire new poems of your own.



The Phrase” – Matthew Welton

Explore how phrases can form a vital part of your poetry toolkit, and how the use of a choice phrase can inject something unique into your poems.

Form and Microform: The Cinquain & the Three-Part Poem – George Szirtes

Look at the minutiae and delicate balances of short-form poetry, exploring how the demands of form can liberate the imagination and refine the ear.



The Ethics of Perspective – Will Harris

Explore the art, artifice and ethics of bearing witness and taking up other’s perspectives in your poetry.

Seeing & Being Seen: Poetry, Photography & The Gaze – Amaal Said & Momtaza Mehri

Get into, and out of, the frame and explore what it is to see, and be seen, in both poetry and photography.



Ritual, Belief & Poetry – Keith Jarrett

Investigate the world of rituals, ranging from the everyday to the unusual, and learn how to use these as stepping-off points for new poems.

Sonic Healing: Poems of Loss – Belinda Zhawi

Explore the different facets of mourning, and learn how to harness these experiences to create exciting, healing and sonorous new work.



Poetry & Fashion – Theresa Lola

Explore how the textures of fashion and poetry intertwine, before using clothing as stimulus to generate new poems.

Irreverent Womyn – Rachel Long

Explore the importance of irreverence in contemporary poetry, before writing some impudent poems of your own.

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