‘She Whom the Moon Ruled’: Astrophysics, Astrology & Poetry

‘She Whom the Moon Ruled’: Astrophysics, Astrology & Poetry

Get your telescopes ready to explore the universe with an astrophysicist and consider your place among the stars to inspire new poems of your own.

The deeper our telescopes go, the further we are looking back in time. How connected is astronomy to a deeper nostalgia for knowing ourselves? In this workshop we will use space-language, experiment with science-speak, we’ll call on unsung women astronomers, and pay respects to all the knowledge the stars have about us, from constellations to the mythologies behind them. We’ll assess how the gravity of planets pull not only our bodies but our emotions too. On the topic of knowing yourself, how well do you know your star signs? The planets have a vast and profound affect on our deepest feelings and our experiences. All signs are either masculine or feminine and elemental – be it fire, air, water, or earth. Does this affect the subjects we are drawn to in our writing, could they affect the ways in which we write? We will explore, through poetry, (with the help of the information sheet provided) how we relate to stars, signs, elements and their traits.

This course is a half-day workshop running 2pm – 4:30pm on Monday 23 July and is part of our Summer School. To find out more about the courses in the Summer School, please see here.

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About Sunayana Bhargava and Rhondda Rhiannon View Profile

Sunayana Bhargava is a poet and astrophysics PhD student. She is a three-time Barbican Young Poet and current member of Octavia. Her writing has featured in the Bloodaxe Books anthology, Hallelujah for 50ft Women, The This Magazine and on BBC World Service.

Rhondda Rhiannon is a Bristol-born actor, poet & visual artist now based in east London. She has exhibited visual poetry alongside the Living Free Collective in Shoreditch, published in Ripple, performed at The Hayward Gallery and featured in ASOS Magazine Knowledge is Power Spring 17 issue.

‘The Poetry School is a remarkable resource of knowledge, guidance and new friendships formed around the desire to learn more and write better. The range of workshops and their leaders is, I think, unparalleled.’

– Spring 2018 survey response

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