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The Summer 2017 Programme — in two lines or less!

One-Term Short Courses: Stand-alone courses comprising five two-hour sessions over ten weeks in one of our London classrooms. 

The Pamphleteers with Saradha Soobrayen: Write, select, arrange and edit poems for your pamphlet with Saradha Soobrayen.

#Afterhours with Inua Ellams: Discuss, dissect and explore various ways into writing counter or companion pieces to poems from the canon.

Tales of the Globe with Karen Whiteson: The Brothers Grimm, the Hasidic parable, Arabian Nights and more – explore myths and tales in your poetry.


Continuing Three-Term courses: Ten-session courses over ten-weeks in one of our London classrooms. All of these courses are open to students joining in the Summer term. 

The Construction of the Poem with various tutors TBC: Learn and apply formal techniques for constructing poetry with a rotating cast of experienced tutors.

Poetry: Shaping a Style with Tim Dooley: Define your goals as a writer and develop a distinctive, individual body of creative work

16 Ways of Writing a Poem with Mario Petrucci: An innovative and in-depth masterclass looking at (virtually) every way a poem can come into being.

Fresh Approaches with Ellen Cranitch: New approaches to writing poetry, looking at contemporary and less familiar work to inspire your writing.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber: Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

Training the Poem with Jacqueline Saphra: For beginner and intermediate poets looking to develop their writing through experimentation, play and close-readings.

Advanced Poetry Workshop (Wednesday evenings) with Matthew Caley: An advanced weekly workshop with a focus on editing, alongside a discussion of themes and ideas.

Advanced Poetry Workshop (Monday afternoons) with Matthew Caley: An afternoon timeslot for one of our inspiring workshops for advanced writers.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Special Guests with Kathryn Maris: One of our flagship advanced workshops, with the benefit of special guests.


One- and Two-Day Workshops: Workshops running for one or two full days, 10.30am – 4.30pm, at our London classrooms and at galleries, museums, and places of interest nearby.  

Draft, Edit, Draft with Ahren Warner: A whole weekend on drafting and editing processes that produce poems ready for publication.

Poetry and Visual Art with Tamar Yoseloff: New galleries and new inspiration for the return of this classic two-day ekphrastic course.

‘The Exotic’ with Daljit Nagra: Take on a deeper engagement with the foreign, and make distant places complicatedly beautiful.

Many a Gem Lies Buried with Cheryl Moskowitz: Explore life and death, poverty and privilege, and nature and decay on this two-day course incorporating a visit to Abney Cemetery.

Ransacking the Museum with John McCullough: This two-part workshop encourages you to ransack the Natural History Museum for metaphors and allegories.

The House of Poems with Rebecca Goss: Consider the importance of possessions, the pull of memory, and the ideas of privacy and space as you build a house of poems.

New Definitions and Neologisms: The Poetry of Dictionaries with Kate Potts: Experience poetry’s collision with the dictionary, and remake the language for your own poetic purposes.


Courses in Manchester: Five week courses and a trio of all-day workshops in our venues in Manchester.  

Poetry and Art with Sarah Corbett: A five-week course on ekphrasis, taking in Keats, Plath, Thom Gunn, Frieda Kahlo and Van Gogh.

Poetry and the Natural World with Andrew Forster:  Spend five weeks writing about a natural world that’s both essential to our existence and under increasing threat.

Saturday Sessions with Peter and Ann Sansom: Three interlinked all-day Saturday workshops themed around Summer in May, June, and July.


Courses in Exeter: A five-session course over ten weeks at Exeter Community Centre. 

Ecopoetry with Fiona Benson: Enjoy eco poems from both sides of the Atlantic and use them as stepping-off points for new work of your own.


Courses in Bristol: A five-session course over ten weeks, and a one-day workshop — both led by our Bristol tutor Fiona Hamilton. 

Poetry Studio with Fiona Hamilton: This term’s focus is on form: sonnets, prose poems and spoken word all feature.

Poetry and World Events with Fiona Hamilton: A one-day workshop in Bristol on writing in a time of ‘big changes’ in climate, politics, technology — the world!


Online Interactive Courses: Ten-week courses on our online learning platform Campus with fortnightly ‘live chats’ in the evening.  

Drop the Dead Poet: Making Poetry from the News with Sarah Hesketh: Tune in to the 24 hour news cycle and tackle real-life events week by week as inspiration for new(s) poems.

The Unsent, Unanswered Letter with Melissa Lee-Houghton: Write letters to your future self, your heroes, your enemies and lovers — and read epistolary poems by the masters of the form.

Love and Lust with Catherine Smith: A course for anyone who’d like to write about love — with guidance from Catullus, the metaphysicals, and a host of contemporary poets.

Frame, Shot, Scene, Sequence: Powering Poetry Through Film with John Challis: Develop new poems that utilise the unique grammar, style and scope of film.

The Art of Memory: Poetry of the Past and Present with David Clarke: A scientific and poetic look at memory, and its constant adaptation and reinterpretation in our minds.

Keeping Our Wits with Will Harris: Channel the wit of the 17th Century to make to smart, ironic, challenging, mischevious  21st century poems.

Bending Form: An Exploration of Possibilities: with Shazea Quraishi: Wendell Berry said, “The impeded stream is the one that sings”. Let the demands of form create music in your poems.


Online International Courses: Ten-week courses on our online learning platform Campus with no live chats; suitable for students in any time zone. 

The Poetry of Survival with Clare Shaw: Consider poetry’s capacity to sustain, to heal, and to save.  From the prison to the sickbed, we’ll search for poets who have given voice to struggle — amd survival.

The Zoo of the New: Writing Childhood and Family with Victoria Kennefick: Revisit your child-artist and write poems of home, memory, family, belonging and conflict.

Fair Field: How to Write like a Medieval with Tom Chivers: If you know a wimple from a whale-road – or would like to – join poet, publisher and neo-medievalist Tom Chivers on a journey into the earliest poetry in English.


Online Studios: Short, three-week intensive courses on our online learning platform Campus with an emphasis on writing rather than feedback. 

Thinking Studio with Joey Connolly: Because poetry is rhythmic and lives in time, it is uniquely placed to represent thinking; harness this dynamism for poems of thought.

Ugliness Studio with Adam Crothers: Learn how the inappropriate and inelegant can, at times, be the most appropriate and elegant way to capture life as it really is.

Women’s Sonnets Studio with Annie Finch: Survey poems demonstrating the memorable strategies and unique triumphs of the women’s sonnet tradition.


Online Feedback Courses: Receive feedback on your poems from your tutor and fellow students on our online learning platform Campus.

Fortnightly Feedback with David Tait: Receive detail ed feedback on your works in progress from your tutor and fellow students.


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