The Construction of the Poem

The Construction of the Poem

A rotating line-up of special guest tutors teach you how to construct a poem.

‘On the simplest level, form functions for any poet as a kind of scaffold from which the poem can be constructed’ – Michael Donaghy. This is a new course designed to give participants detailed knowledge of all aspects of the history and application of formal techniques in writing poetry. Each session will be taught by a different poet, based on his or her particular areas of expertise, so expect to be challenged and inspired by a variety of approaches and practices. From language and diction, to rhyme and rhythm, to lineation and verse forms (such as the sonnet and sestina), to more radical forms (such as prose poetry and concrete poetry) this course will give you the tools of the trade needed to build the perfect poem.

10 weekly sessions on Mondays 6.45pm – 8.45pm, starting 8 May. 

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Term Three

Week one: 8th May
A history of the sonnet (Jacqueline Saphra)

Week two: Verse forms: 15th May
The sonnet / canonical sonnets (Clare Pollard)

Week three: Verse forms: 22nd May
The sonnet: more recent examples (Jacqueline Saphra)

Week four: Verse forms: 29th May
The sonnet: experiments and radical forms (Simon Smith)

Week five: 5th June
Workshop (Hannah Lowe)

Week six: 12th June
The prose poem (Julian Stannard)

Week seven: 19th June
Experimental forms
The concrete poem / visual poem (Victoria Bean)

Week eight: 26th June
Experimental forms
Oulipo etc (Simon Smith)

Week nine: 3rd July
Experimental forms
New technologies (Joey Connolly)

Week ten: 10th July
Workshop (Joey Connolly)

The content and assignments were amazing. I learned a lot that will affect all aspects of my writing. The course far exceeded my expectations, which were already high, having previously done a course with the same tutor. Already had one of the assignments published (Morning Star newspaper), and others that I will be sending out.

– Autumn 2016 survey response

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