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Primers II Shortlist: Matthew Dixon

Welcome to this showcase of a poet shortlisted for Primers II. For fraction fans, this makes us 6/10 of the way through our list of shortlisted poets, and 3/5 of the way through those poets whose name begin with ‘M’ – poetic symmetry! Poems from both Marjorie and Marvin have already been showcased on CAMPUS (and of course Ben BransfieldCynthia Miller & Emma Jeremy before them!). We continue to move inexorably through the alphabet plucking poets out as we go, while Jacob and Jane are busy deciding who will make their final three.

Next up it’s…

Matthew Dixon

Matthew Dixon studied at St Martin’s School of Art. Now a Creative Director, he devises campaigns for the arts sector and lectures at UAL. His poetry is underpinned by observance of the natural world, in which he is often willingly lost.

A magpie asks me to text his wife

Tell her that I won’t be home tomorrow
Tell her that I’m sorry

Tell her that the suit is ruined
Tell her that the deposit
will be debited from my account
and that if they call
then she should say
it was an accident

Tell her it’s odd that water
feels warmer at night
Tell her that I’m out of my depth

Tell her that I watched Auriga last night
and traced a line to Cappella
Tell her that I felt the lunar tug
as gently as a soul leaving the body



We’ll be posting poems from the shortlisted poets over the next week, and you can find out the full Primers shortlist here.

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