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Primers Shortlist – Roderic Vincent

With this final poet, we reach the end of our Primers shortlist features. We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering their work as much as we have – and we’re certain you’ll be anticipating Kathryn Maris and Jane Commane’s final decision as eagerly as we are.

The judges are due to announce the three poets that will receive mentoring and publication from The Poetry School and Nine Arches Press imminently, so stay tuned! Please revisit the work of the other shortlisted poets – Geraldine ClarksonJo YoungKate DavisKatie GriffithsKen EvansLouise OrdishLucy IngramsMark Cooper and Maureen Cullen – and we very much hope you enjoy reading the tenth, and final, poet in contention for Primers…

Roderic Vincent

Roderic Vincent is a Chartered Psychologist from London. His work has been shortlisted for various competitions including the Bridport and Live Canon. His poems are in the Iron Book of New Humorous Verse (Iron Press), Stand, The Rialto, and Prole magazines.



It was the speed that always made
an impression. How one would zip

from the lifted corner of the rabbit hutch
or oilskin bricked-out in the garden;

hesitate . . . and it became a memory,
an imaginary line in the grass,

an unsettling of dew, or it left you
holding a joke pencil, the stub broken off.

You had to grab without thinking
what it was you were trying to grasp,

then you would find, writhing between
your fingers, a present, a shiny pet.


Keep an eye out on CAMPUS for the up-coming announcement of the Primers winners and find out the full Primers shortlist here.

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