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‘The One-Breath Poem’: National Writing Day Activity for Parents, Teachers and Children

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, young person or adult writer, celebrate National Writing Day with our ‘One-Breath Poem’ resource. It’s perfect for a classroom activity or spare 15 minutes with a pen and paper, and it’s a fantastic way into the wide wonderful world of poetry.

Download it here: One-Breath-Poem-The-Poetry-School

Stuck for inspiration? Why not have a read of these brilliant one-breath poems by Year 7 students at Chew Valley School. Thanks to teacher Alison Powell for sharing them with us!


Silly by Sam Parsons, 7W

I am being chased by a tiny dog through a sandy field my parents are just two specks in the distance the crops are tall and the mud is sticky I feel like I might pass out but the tiny dog with big ears is still chasing me and today the silly thought makes me laugh.


Cold by Arabella Pover, 7W

It’s the cold evening when my granddad dies I am sat by the lake in Somerton with my cousin Maddie watching the sunset and I say that granddad will be looking at us and telling us to go and milk the cows and collect the eggs on the farm and we both hug and sit there laughing and crying wrapped in each others warmth with the cows lowing in the distance.


Sirens by Dan Butler, 7W

I’m here in Cyprus enjoying the warm welcoming breeze and delightful breakfast I turn and suddenly realise my granddad is laid on the floor not speaking eyes shut and I’m worried something dreadful is going to happen and all of a sudden I hear deafening sirens a medic rushes in and puts him on a carrier and takes him away.

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