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Hi !

Thanks for joining. CAMPUS is a place where poets can come together to learn about and discuss poetry. It’s also where you can post new work, share poems you love, discuss new concepts, promote events and publications, get help with your work and help others. It’s a fully formed community for poets of all levels and styles.

Before you begin: we highly recommend you read our user guide, which is packed full of useful information about how CAMPUS and its core functionalities work. You can download it here:

Please also be aware of our Community Guidelines.

The best way to get started is to dive in and start exploring:

  • Build your profile. You will find that other members of the CAMPUS community are much more likely to interact with you if you add a photo and some personal information to your online profile, as profiles with more descriptive information are generally thought to be more ’trustworthy’ (and not spam). You can do this by going to My Account > Change Avatar (photo) and My Account > Edit > Personal Information (biog).
  • Make friends. When you sign up to CAMPUS, you will receive a friend request from @PoetrySchoolAdmin, and when you accept it we will be able to help invite you to new groups and future developments, and provide technical assistance when things go wrong. Then, search through our Members directory or browse around on the Main Activity Page and see if you recognise any names and faces (you’ll be surprised who turns up).
  • Share what inspires you via text, video, audio and links on our Main Activity Page, which aggregates all public activity, including our Community groups and blog posts. Introduce yourself, post a random query, conduct a quick straw poll – anything poetry-related goes. However, please note that for particular topics/activites, we have specific groups…
  • Explore our Community Groups. CAMPUS has a number of public groups that anyone can join and contribute to. When you first join CAMPUS, you will automatically be a member of 5 groups – Getting Started With CAMPUS, Show Us Your Poems, Web Curios, What Are You Reading?, and News, Events, Happenings. Descriptions for each group and how they work can be found on each group page. Each group has a unique purpose, so make sure what you post goes into the right place (if you want to share a poem, put it in Show Us Your Poems; if you want to share news about an upcoming event, put it in News, Events, Happenings). You can find all our groups in the Groups & Courses directory.
  • Help others. CAMPUS is a peer-to-peer network that thrives on the contributions of its community of poets. If someone posts a poem, leave some feedback using the ‘Comment’ tool. If someone asks a question, try to answer it or refer it with someone who can. If there’s a call-out for interesting poems about the body, make a recommendation. The more we all contribute, the more we all benefit.
  • Enrol on one of our courses. If you’re really serious about your poetry, The Poetry School has a number of high quality poetry courses to offer, both on CAMPUS and face-to-face. Our latest programme can be found on our main website. All our courses have their own Private group on CAMPUS, but please make sure you have paid and booked for your course before requesting membership to any Private group. You can find all our course groups in the Groups & Courses directory.
  • Visit the CAMPUS blog. Every day, we feature new poems, interviews, essays, articles, videos, podcasts, and lots of other fun and useful poetry stuff. The blog is also where we announce all our Open Workshops (a free monthly writing workshop).

We hope that CAMPUS becomes the leading forum for poets to read, discuss, create and network. What the Poetry School does best.

Come and join in

With best wishes –

The Poetry School

Help Videos

To help you get started with Campus we’ve laid out some of the more common tasks in these simple help videos. Don’t worry if you can’t watch them now, you can also find them in the Getting Started With Campus group which you are already a member of.