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Blake in Lambeth Print Gallery

How do you fill a page? Poets scratch out one line at a time, darkening the paper slowly from top to bottom – but a visual artist will make one swoosh of a brush, and that’s their canvas completely full of colour and intent.

Poets and artists swapped their page-making practices this Autumn in the brilliant words and pictures course we ran with poet Chris McCabe and poet artist Sophie Herxheimer: Blake in Lambeth.

Taking local poet and engraver William Blake as our starting point, we spent a day walking Lambeth in his footsteps, summoning his spirit in order to inspire new works which combined text and art.

After a month of mulling, students reconvened at the Slaughterhaus print studio in Stockwell, bringing with them their Blakean ideas about location, creativity and history. Working with Sophie and artist Michelle Avison, we then did art school in a day, enjoying a speedy introduction to three different print making techniques.

Please wander round this exhibition of what we made.

Who Made What:

Images 1-3       Evalyn Lee

4                           Julia Bird

5-6                          Ann Macaulay

7-8                          Victoria Grigg

9                           Chris McCabe

10-11                     Mike Sims

12-16                     Sophie Herxheimer


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