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The Autumn 2016 Programme – in two lines or less!


Everyone likes a bite-sized chunk, right? Well here is a barrel full of them as we try to introduce our Autumn 2016 course programe in two lines or less…

Three-Term courses

The Construction of the Poem with Tim Dooley, Judy Brown, Matthew Caley, Claire Crowther and Martyn Crucefix:  A 30-week course on the history and application of formal techniques in poetry.

Routes into Poetry with Tamar Yoseloff: A course for beginners and intermediate writers who want structured learning about rhyme, metre, verse forms, lineation and stanzas.

16 Ways of Writing a Poem with Mario Petrucci: An innovative and in-depth masterclass looking at (virtually) every way a poem can come into being.

Fresh Approaches with Ellen Cranitch: New approaches to writing poetry, looking at contemporary and less familiar work to inspire your writing.

Saturday Sessions with Ros Barber: Monthly all-day Saturday workshops with Ros Barber.

Training the Poem with Jacqueline Saphra: For intermediate poets looking to develop their writing through experimentation, play and close-readings.

Intermediate Poetry Workshop with Jacqueline Saphra: A weekly workshop for poets looking to develop their individual voice and technique.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Hannah Lowe: An advanced weekly workshop with a focus on editing, alongside a discussion of themes and ideas.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Matthew Caley: A chance for advanced poets to develop their work-in-progress through discussion and feedback.

Advanced Poetry Workshop with Kathryn Maris and Special Guests: One of our flagship advanced workshops, with the benefit of special guests.

Taking Your Writing Further with Myra Schneider: A monthly poetry group with detailed feedback and discussion in each session.

Poetry & Prose with Myra Schneider: A monthly group for writers of poetry and prose, providing detailed feedback and discussion in each session.


Short Courses

A Conversation with the Past (Romantics and Victorians) with Tim Dooley: A chance to develop your work through a structured look at writing from the past.

The Radiance of Materials: Stone/Wood/Glass with Fawzia Kane: An innovative course mining poetic inspiration from unrefined natural materials.

Off the Page with Niall O’Sullivan: Help bring your poetry off the page into performance and digital media.

Three Minutes to Midnight with James Brookes: Apocalyptic poetry from across the ages to inspire your own ‘end of the world’ writing.

The Battle of the Somme: Film, Poetry, Context, Performance with Simon Barraclough : A course exploring the 1916 documentary ‘The Battle of the Somme’, working towards a collaborative performance of new poems alongside a screening of the film.


One- and two-day workshops

Writing Our Youth with Andrew McMillan: Write the poetry of youth with the award-winning Andrew McMillan.

The Lyric Self with Dante Micheaux: Find and channel your lyric self in this workshop on Anglophone lyric poetry.

Hands on Zines with Cherry Styles: A hands-on-zine making workshop open to everyone.

Poetry and Visual Art with Tamar Yoseloff: Be inspired by visual art on the gallery tour, then come together a month later to workshop your poems.

Oops! The Poetry of Mitsakes with Bill Manhire: Be inspired by mistakes and missteps on a voyage of imaginative discovery.

Blake in Lambeth with Chris McCabe and Sophie Herxheimer: Think, write and work on visual responses while walking through Blake’s Lambeth before partaking in an art/print-making session.

Short Order Poetry to Go with Lisa Matthews: Write short, brief, tiny, miniscule micro-poems with Lisa Matthews.


Online Courses

Fortnightly Feedback with Catherine Smith: Detailed feedback on your work-in-progress poems from your tutor and fellow students.

Adventures in the Blind Field: Investigating the Unseen, the Unspoken with Sally Flint: Stretch the imagination of your poems by responding to photographic images.

Reinventing Dada: Anti-Poetry for the 21st Century with Melissa Lee-Houghton: Challenge the global political landscape through your writing with revolutionary techniques.

Deep Diving Poetry – the Language of Coastlines and the Sea with Claire Trévien: Write poems in the space between the cliff-face and the ocean’s depths.

Secrets and Lies with Kathryn Simmonds: investigate the silences in poems and how we can manipulate experience or use invention.

‘The Word Made Fresh’ – Restoring the Bible to English Poetry with Steve Ely: Engage with a fundamental text of the English language in this popular returning course.

Site-Seeing with Holly Corfield-Carr: Become an explorer in the places and spaces of your poems.

The Stanza with David Clarke: Sharpen your poetic craft by exploring the possibilities of the stanza.


Online International Courses

Tales from the World City (an International Course) with David Tait: Write the people and places of our urban spaces.

Transreading Spain (an International Course) with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese: Discover the voices of a divided country in our Transreading Europe series.



Blues Studio with Ryan Van Winkle: An intensive 3-week course riffing on sadness & grief and joy & happiness.

Haiku Rebellion Studio with Lynne Rees: A 3-week course that revisits and reinvents the most misunderstood of all poetic forms.



The Life of Things with Jean Atkin: create poetry from objects and artefacts – ranging from the quotidian to the sacred – and explore the stories and memories they bring with them.

Going Forward with the Sonnet with Edmund Prestwich: Part of the poet’s toolkit for 800 years – learn to write in this most versatile of forms.

Saturday Sessions with Ann and Peter Sansom: All-day workshop sessions with the Sansoms in Manchester in September, October and November.



Poetry Studio with Fiona Hamilton: Fiona’s Poetry Studio returns to Bristol for another year of feedback, writing and inspiration.



In Other Voices with Jennie Osborne: Write in the voice of another to invigorate your poetic practice.

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