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‘Where Light Lives’

the revolving doors
have slowed down
long enough

for the dark side
to be revisited.
I learn to find

a glimmer in a house
where barns are filled with grain
pantries with preserves

where rooms release
their scent of wellknown

while wanderlust grows
from all the windows
I learn to write.

Magret Peper is a poet, and recently took part in The Poetry of Survival with Clare Shaw.

“I live in the north of Germany near the Kiel Kanal. I also live in a lifelong  passionate love affair with language/s.  I like my writing to be short, concrete and focussed. This poem was written as an assignment during the course  The Poetry of Survival and as an answer to how poems, their writers and their readers, bring light into knowledge and into our life. Being a  farmer’s daughter I had a vision of a well-stocked farmhouse prepared for the winter.”


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Surian Soosay