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‘Three Things Transported Together’

He loves me, he loves me
not. The me part of this 8.5 million
dollar flower industry. Me all gerber-
a-faced and eau de toilette –
crushed –
Betha plucking Ecuadorian Rose
or dainty-nosed Sierra
dipping into Bucket Orchid –
it’s all for me.
Flowers, corpses and sushi
in the belly of a plane.

Big business this love. Unagi.
He loves me. Someone’s dead
Uncle Bart. He loves me not.

Nicole Burdick is a teacher and freelance writer living in Denver, CO.

“This piece was inspired in Adam Crothers’ Ugliness Studio where we considered different perspectives of ugliness in language and form and then tried to ugly-up our poems. This particular prompt went: “write an ‘ugly’ poem about something you find physically beautiful, or write a ‘beautiful’ poem about something you find physically ugly.” Remembering Ecuador’s tremendous exportation of roses, then the gross measure of the cut flower industry, I started to delve into trade statistics on flowers which eventually led through other items largely transported on planes. I loved the various forms of ugly which presented themselves in the virtual meander.”

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Image Credits:

martinboz. Creative Commons license can be read here.