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‘The Tryst’


She sits in the park
pulling petals off a daisy

will he      maybe

you cunt she thinks you cunt


Margot Myers lives in Oxford, and has been writing poetry for five years.  She has been placed or shortlisted for several competitions including Havant Poetry Competition, Bridport Flash Fiction Competition, and  Cinnamon Mini-competitions.  She has poems in the Emma Press Anthology of Dance, The Emma Press Urban Myths and Legends and The Emma Press Anthology of Aunts.

“This poem came out of Adam Crothers’ Ugliness Studio on bad form, bad language and bad taste.  I was enabled to experiment and write well out of my comfort zone.  In this poem I wanted to control the word (which I wouldn’t use normally, particularly as a term of abuse) but at the same time achieve impact.  Hence the short form, blank space, and repetition.”


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