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‘The Garage, Tours’

As to what’s here, I can give you some idea:

Various artifacts that Grammie brought back
from the Philippines –
probably one box
                                                             All part of life’s rich tapestry.

Shoes and clothing –
probably at least two large boxes or equivalent
                                                             You can tell a man by his shoes.

Your Dad’s scrapbooks and other papers –
at least two large boxes
                                                             Eyes blue as the feet of a Sicilian winepresser.

Old photos and family films –
at least two large boxes
                                                             Always listen to your little voice.

Briefcases and suitcases of various sizes,
a tripod in its box
                                                             March to the beat of your own drum.

And a 30” x 36” oak-framed map from 1915
your Dad specifically requested be donated
to the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College.

                                                             Is the Pope a Catholic? Does a bear have hair?

I call and hear his voice on the answering machine.

Are you there?



Olivia Sprinkel lives in London and is currently studying part-time for an MA in Creative Writing: Place, Environment and Writing at Royal Holloway. This poem was inspired by the exercise set by Beverley Nadin for the Open Workshop ‘The List Cause’. This version incorporates feedback from the workshop, with some re-ordering and a revised ending.


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Image: Empty photo album, inside

Image credit: Ard Hesselink