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‘Still Very Green’

The women buried here are sinful.
Holding hands with men they shouldn’t have,
touching ladies they called their friends
in ways that friends don’t touch.

The sex has not gone from this garden, I think,
Couples walking in, so many pairs of sinners, and
So much green.

Green, the colour before a bud blooms,
Green, the colour of things that will ripen
before they’re put in your mouth.

Bridget Minamore took part in The Poetry School’s Re-Mixed Borders garden residencies scheme, working in collaboration with the London Open Garden Squares Weekend 2016. She was poet-in-residence at the Crossbones Memorial Garden. A full length CAMPUS pamphlet – Re-Mixed Borders – will feature her work later this year, along with other poets from the scheme.

“In June 2016 I was a writer-in-residence for Crossbones Memorial Garden in Borough. I spent my time there writing postcard poems for visitors to take away with them, and encouraging discussion (and writing!) around the feminist history of the garden.”

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Image Credits:

Chill October (1870) by John Everett Millais