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‘Nomura Haikus’


Goddess of rainbows
blue indigo violet
mood after rainfall



Southwark Cathedral
bells tinkle in foxglove spires
a candle is lit



Set in the city
columbine from the woodlands
the alpine meadows


Agapanthus Bridal Bouquet

Lily of the Nile
beribboned sapphire bloom
floats along the aisle


Achillea Millefolium Paprika

Carried in battle
by Achilles for war wounds
by starlings for nests


Black Beauty Aubergine

Nightshade not deadly
midnight polished fruit
a white chopping board


Hakurei Turnip

A pearl globe is dug
from a dark patch of earth
the sun consumes



from the cloud forests
prospers in tropical fogs
psychedelic mist



Vase of cornflowers
sits on a writing bureau
writer’s pen flows



Ranunculus dot
childhood butter diviner
florin of the heath


Nepeta Six Hills Giant (Catmint)

Allures hummingbirds
bees cats and butterflies
resists rabbits



A cottage garden
exhales the scent of lavender
birds nest in the thatch


Honey Boat Squash

Sweetest of squashes
copper skinned delicata
a spoonful of soup


Penstemon Garnet

Pink perennial
stems of rubies climb skyward
reminiscent hearts



Paeon was turned
from man into peony
to save his mythical life


Lemon Balm

Dressed in white curls
Melissa for honey bee
a spritz of citrus

Camellia Stafford took part in The Poetry School’s Re-Mixed Borders garden residencies scheme, working in collaboration with the London Open Garden Squares Weekend 2016. She was poet-in-residence at the Nomura Building Roof Garden. A full length CAMPUS pamphlet – Re-Mixed Borders – will feature her work later this year, along with other poets from the scheme.

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