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‘How to go home’

Drive back to the house where you were born.
Open her old cookbook, press your
fingers onto her pen’s scrawl.
Take tweezers: tease a hair
from your old doll’s clothes.
Play a hymn, its
clear as

Rosemary Appleton has had her poems published in Mslexia, The Fenland Reed, Spontaneity and #refugeeswelcome (an Eyewear Press anthology). She writes in snatched, coffee-fuelled moments in the wilds of East Anglia.

‘This poem is a nonet, a nine-line form in which each line has one fewer syllables than the one before. This poem came about as the result of an assignment on the Poetry and Science course, where the task was to experiment with something new. For me, that meant trying a specific form. I also drew on other ideas we had discussed during the course – a poem as answering a question, or responding to an unknown. I wanted to think about how ordinary objects, invested with memories, can almost reconnect us to people we have lost somehow.’

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