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‘Briony Grist: Let’s be clear about the challenges we face with ermits.’

First and foremost,
we should be concerned
about ermits
obtaining cilicious books –
underperforming mystics
must improve
or they will merit
cryogenic sealing
– no one benefits
from hirsute heresies.

Look, until such day
as they can safely be
released into runnels,
their otherness and
thick fur folios
must be cauterised,
and caked in ice.

Besides, the freezing
of holies
and follicled tomes
will ensure
their goodness
is locked in,
locked away
for good.


Richard Stillman is an English teacher in Winchester, and enjoys writing and reading poetry hugely. He has had some poems do well in local competitions such as the Winchester Writers’ Conference Poetry competition, and enjoys being part of the thriving local poetry scene in Winchester.

“This is a poem from Melissa-Lee’s Houghton’s course, Reinventing Dada: Anti-Poetry for the 21st Century. In this instance we used the discourse of a politician, in my case the loathsome Gove, and chopped it up with random words. The idea is to look at how the ‘post-truth’ discourse of our age is a most dangerous nonsense.”


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