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Bound 3 final



Vasiliki Albedo Bennu lives in Greece. Her poems have been published in magazines, recently in ‘The Interpreter’s House’, ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Beloit Poetry Journal’. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize twice.

“This poem was written for Claire Trévien’s ‘Cosmic Compositions’. The challenge was to write something inspired by ‘Space Travellers’. My intention was to write about the planned expedition to Mars, ‘Mars One’, and the proposed effort for terraformation of said planet.  But in the process of research I realised I was more interested in exploring some of the implications behind the effort to colonise and create an atmosphere on another planet, when in many ways, we seem to be struggling to maintain and make peace with our own. So, like the travellers above, I found myself earthbound.”


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Image: ‘Mars (or Albuquerque in infrared)’

Image credit: Dave Mathis