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Appy Economics

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a formula of an elephant equation reviews economics 2 a hotel investors have by a thread salesforce no return with us bread of whiskey hi returning later listen to formula and everybody will take a noun best safely that’s the became a strong your interest in the risky investments in mortgages in what’s the weather security hour and the whole earth problems leaving a credit crunch bigger the formula sephora works perfect and only the can use investors fade away from investment the formula said were right for the can investors news mail when we look account we see a poet pastoral to making formula work and half racing when things that the poets of the wanted know when something smells bad day are the in 10 a antenna i have the race sale intuitive souls with good nose is the tragedy notice in neck and so we started with a hobby not know your face with repetition the disease use your usual hummus the 17th need to defrost travel to paradox it is leverage it is in the tire its it’s a kind of spiritual bad girl how to self very clear that he was looking for about run quotes about perfect but i like in a detective novel use your a wasn’t enough time anyway a bad guy bird free poker hands on the job so what county is the chicken individuals nobody looks into the blue minutes criticism around pound 70 like me with jewish blood fitted know the usually with normally associated with the gym and take some assumption pound by attacking you serious wanted remember the thanks 287 the money landing in feeling in money was one you profession not prohibited juices rifles yes account biography david moody pointer pound is quite careful in the cat to shire way there activated texting you with attack thank you is careful not to iphone 4 u 3 automatic be with you moody tracy how much for the jews in and after that and after 7 voice companies range lack of control and sloppy line when is a funny specific nevertheless this is not another program about found an sms instead i want to look at pounds series before he ever more therapy associated you 3 with you in particular how house might be making a fair inside of us of what we are on the american what we might need to report i want to take the things apart asparagus 07 night 58 a man city george 1 idea of the time run quote of course 1 at the balance this app save me against the line compound this is a jackson flow quote some kite might manage to pee in an anti sam label on me if you need lexus a massive my right so is it 190 time or is it not wanting to be court on wanna too bad well for me as per pound send in the recording i prefer to neglected messages writing if it makes me to get something useful unknown it is a that’s what’s on in this program dayton to pounds subject i will always be there for 35 pounds edwin conference call did magic here is hannah with voice line second it important to notice how was offers so so pissed at pound was not litter size 5 in uk im anyways is crude thing isn’t it heathrow in front of the first world war pounds poetry became notice ccleaner of arcane archives oasis is an more cinema idiot going to david this is all the time which seems first making announcements about state of the world party perhaps a fitness settings on the loss of his friends and if not degeneration insert me english people it is a war of minutes it important to remember to the pound homes are response office it support remember to the pound phone to the 1920s save our party a response to women in the working class getting the boat account settings you selwyn mobile e nowadays we get home franchise the circumcision yeah that sounds like an insult attack on the body by getting giving everybody votes franchise but i think it’s a more complicated a metaphor circumcision is a public ritual welcoming morning to the body if anything it’s a happy out of everyone getting the boat the we may have the 1950s mary n 70 of i’m just got the message not typing still in the wind is the time in replacing enough of the bacon cross the line is the general election if we own the boat 1745 is the main use a travelsphere french bbc days electric not ready keeping have some stuff for sending me how are the most mix message for whatever to do and it was in our the park with work and is running to sos this is a pound doesn’t like willie thinking the same time the dozen trust socialist europa is the gate take over the dust think they should be a minimum state administrator simple set of rules pounds incline to see if it is metaphor c society of the machine and the eccentric economist see with most thrones was in the former engineer new attempted analyse society of the machine is economics around analysis of world war 1 with the general segment battle against machine work down to defeat the general so stupid doctors london how was very impressed i do with a piece with made of with a holler factor reset this with a young ryton advice it lloyd your scotland john 90 keys keys with a riverside conference of world war 1 scene strongly a5 on in lower restoration sticker german enough money to germany pay for sake of war and losing it a b allies what to do with a 6,000,000 keynes negotiate it or less good boy george couldn’t override the french for the american in the besides and a high it’s a tragedy dinosaur tiger short sighted miss my pound are becoming a beautiful solution not say something to talk about 10 reviews of make any common cold the we don’t see pound and he hasn’t anyway on the same sorry it’s a question for me the pound ever manages pic i love you too utopia or near mister bean router from historical park seems to work alonso fred head i am here how did activia range 14 and c h douglas andy edition time to meet in 1919 are the city v e didn’t satisfied down with the not take your daughters for the keys is very rude douglas quotes the and pound there after with road 13 name is in the city were monitoring as if you wanna be close mine is probably gonna economist as if you tried to phone book i have no sort of a ride changes point is the borrowing create a n e 36 allegro broken is more tax receipt so horrible newspaper absolute more money missus you started with in some way this is similar to pounds hi def ch douglas of creating sausage services i dispose of credit although it is more douglas is idea is simply that we should look at the actual physical output off in economy you are you the amount of braveheart city a massive things night douglas and said that there was no way be enough money in the system at 230 setup to buy all the things remain in 1 year set for the willows speed test horse earth pound airport following douglas suggested the a country prints money that contain see you in a bit things may have loved to pick some of the china ancient china where he found 1 historic with long grain circus andy empress making the currency in order to give the people a fake you money to buy the hardest word in a bit happy have a safe mode no in some way is 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  • Trevor

    Words conveying nothing.

  • Ira Lightman

    That would be literally impossible. But they may well create the response Pound had for Finnegans Wake.

    “nothing short of a divine vision or a new cure for the clap can possibly be worth all the circumambient peripherization”

    One can try to detect ghosts in it or not try. Up to one.

  • Ira Lightman

    (I make these by taking an earnest and cogently argued outburst and putting it through a voice-to-text app; so I can assure readers that I began with something cogent… and was quite happy to let the app take it somewhere else. I am under no illusion that Pound would have liked it. I need to keep some distance from the old rogue.)

  • Trevor

    It is possible where words convey no emotion to a listener. For me poetry is more about emotion than any rational objectivity. Some poetry can carry emotion and carry these feelings across to another particular person and some fail so to do.
    I prefer the words of John Clare. He was insane I grant you so that may be why his words convey feelings to me in particular.
    My journey has thus far taken me to the 1820s and not the 1920s.
    Finally,I am under no illusion that I just have no way of telling if John Clare would have any liking for the words I compose.

  • Ira Lightman

    That’s fine. I love Clare. Have you read Jay Griffiths’ book Kith? It’s a great non-fiction book about how enclosure is what has kept on happening to kids, and Clare shows us the cost of that.

    You will probably have read a few dismissals from the experimental wing of poetry talking about “Faber poetry”, “mainstream poetry” and that it’s all unreadable stodge repeating an idiom and ever more empty from the innards.

    I don’t buy either criticism, frankly. If you don’t like it, fine. But others may.

  • Trevor

    Put that book on my next to buy list, thank you for that. I mainly read economics, and old poetry but this seems worth a venture into pastures new.
    I never got “Faber poetry”, “mainstream poetry” I just got “oh, that is mere lyrics not true poetry you should only write free verse now.”
    My home is Somerset its wet and marshy like the land about Clare’s childhood but that is not what attracted me initially. However I guess I like him because he was next to the end of fiction in our local library and as a 10 year old I was reading HG Wells. I picked up Chatterton and Clare. I put down Chatterton and took home Clare. Clare just described a lot of what I saw at that time and that was the overgrown wildernesses of the bomb sites of Bristol (late 1940s early 1950s) with their buddleia forests.
    As for dismissals they have been legion and perhaps still linger about in my subconscious anger.
    Sorry if it erupted at you.
    That whole period of the interwar years intellectuals is lost on me. I get Clare and I get Chaos theory but the things in between seem strange and beyond grasp.

  • Alison

    Would you consider a different layout? I think it’s hard to read! I don’t mean ‘It’s hard to get the meaning’, or ‘It’s too taxing’ (hard going, in whatever way) – I mean hard to read the words on the screen. Would you consider laying it out in a narrower column? Or slightly wider line-spacing? In the past I’ve been a keen reader of Finnegan’s Wake – don’t mind non-words, non-sentences/senses, internal dialects/memes, no stops and so on. I’m sorry I just gave up, and it wasn’t because I’d decided it had nothing for me – I couldn’t read it accurately, and while skimming it may have some point, I guess you don’t want it reduced to prose. (Joyce said something like ‘It took me 16 years to write and I don’t mind (or the book’s entitled to?) people taking 16 years to read it’ – quoted from memory, not checked. On a screen we can’t put squiggles and comments beside text to steer our own reading, so it’s more tempting to give up. I think it’s worth checking layout for readability. Thanks.

  • Ira Lightman

    I surely would. Normally I cut these into line-breaks. Feel free to do so, cutting and pasting from here, and credit me: I’d love to read it. I’m definitely not attempting to be Joycean here: that level of through-composition from the Wake. This is much more meant to be rebarbative, and skimmable. It takes lots of content that I otherwise use in my writings about economics. It’s meant to be almost a shrug, coarsened with white noise; a kind of despair defeated by just letting it fly.

  • Trevor

    Read that book. Not my usual cup of tea. Reminded me of my childhood running free and happy on the blitzed out ruins of an old city. I got those playground and free space courtesy of the Luftwaffe and the havoc and death they had brought ten years before. Jay Griffith is some writer. Thanks for that.

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