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The January light was more
notable, the day I went back
for his belongings to the room
where he died; magnolia buds

presented themselves differently,
they uplifted as though nothing
could compel death to reach inside
their grey skin. His climbing boots, paired

neatly as we had never been,
and his torn denims left on the
chair back to be disposed of.

When I unhooked the keys from his
belt, it was not stealing – nothing
could unlock what he still owed.

He didn’t even wait the man
I drove to reach but died alone
under a yellow counterpane.

Gill Horitz attends a regular poetry group in Dorset, (led by Paul Hyland) where we share poems using Philip Hobsbaum’s method.  She is currently being mentored as part of the Cinnamon Press Mentoring Scheme.

“I brought this poem to David Tait’s Every Word Counts online course after working on it for about a year but had got stuck in the difficult subject matter. However, in response to David’s brief about ‘Death and Assertion’ I began to develop it further and then benefited from generous suggestions from David and course members.  Although not quite finished it’s well on the way. I’ve been writing poetry for years and have had work published in various magazines.”

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