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CAMPUS Pamphlet: ‘Silent Spells’

Last year, the Poetry School dispatched a group of poets, led by Helen Mort, to the Manchester Museum and let them explore its endless curiosities – whale skeletons, hunched tigers and delicate paper birds – guided by the wisdom of Anna Bunney, Curator of Public Programmes, who introduced some of the Museum’s rarest objects and give our poets exclusive access to look at them up close.

In this second in the CAMPUS Pamphlets series of poetry ebooks we’re producing, we’re delighted to share some of the new work that came out as result of this project. As Helen Mort says in her introduction:

“Rather than poems that will never be written, Manchester Museum suggested a host of poems yet to be written, a series of possibilities. I hope you enjoy some of the poems that started life during our two brief visits, from Darwin’s legacy to roped-off doorways, from elephant skeletons to silent spells.”


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Image: Manchester Museum